"Fenriz Presents... The Best Of Old-School Black Metal" 2004
Peaceville Records

Fenriz Presents... The Best Of Old-School Black Metal 2004

Featured Bands:

Blasphemy "Winds O The Black Godz"
Sarcófago "Satanic Lust"
Celtic Frost "Dawn Of Megiddo"
Nattefrost "Sluts Of Hell"
Mercyful Fate "Evil"
Sodom "Burst Command Til War"
Tormentor "Elisabeth Bathory"
Aura Noir "Blood Unity"
Destruction "Curse Of The Gods"
Samael "Into The Pentagram"
Bulldozer "Whisky Time"
Mayhem "The Freezing Moon"
Hellhammer "The Third Of The Storms"
Burzum "Ea, Lord Of The Deeps"
Venom "Warhead"
Bathory "Dies Irae"

Comments: The title for Burzum track was taken from original DSP release with a mistake (made by Euronymous) - "Ea, Lord Of The Deeps", instead of (correct) "Ea, Lord Of The Depths". However Fenriz didn't know that...

Peaceville Records

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