Burzum Varg Vikernes
Photo: © M.C. 2012

Varg Vikernes
Also known as: Kristian Vikernes, Count Grishnackh, Louis Cachet
(born on February 11th, 1973 - Bergen, Norway; 49 years old)

A Burzum Story

Part I - The Origin And Meaning
Part II - Euronymous
Part III - The Lie-Propaganda
Part IV - Burzum In Norway
Part V - Satanism
Part VI - The Music
Part VII - The Nazi Ghost
Part VIII - On Overgrown Paths
Part IX - The Tomorrow
Part X - The White God
Part XI - Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
Part XII - Belus
Part XIII - Logos
Part XIV - Untamed Forever
Part XV - Forever lost in a Fantasy

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