A Burzum Story: Part IX - The Tomorrow

There are several characters named Varg Vikernes in Norway. One is the demonized, alienated, pilloried and ostracized bugbear denounced by the Jew-press and the so-called judicial system in Norway. He is not real, he never was real and never will be real, but he is loosely based on a real 19-year-old who in 1993 publicly expressed his anger at a modern world gone mad. The sick modern world moved on, deeper into Hell on a road paved with good intentions, but Varg Vikernes froze in time and was forced to live on in the fixed and fictional reality created by the dregs in the Jew-press and the "Norwegian inquisition". Neither the lie-propagandists in the media nor the "inquisitors" manage to adjust to reality in this context, so even today we can from time to time hear the squeaks of the low-brow journalist-pigs; "witch!", "witch!", "burn him.", "burn him!", "burn him!!", and the people in the so-called judicial system are certainly no better.

Another Varg is the prisoner, writing articles, like this one, to stay sane, but also to not let the false accusations and biased lie-propaganda stand unopposed. He is real, but only for as long as the siege lasts. If the lies stop coming from the media-scum, and if the so-called judicial system stops its out-of-touch-with-reality processes, he will cease to exist and fade away into oblivion. He is real only because he has to be. He is simply the wall that protects the sanity, honour and life of the real Varg Vikernes. Like the fortresses of Europe this wall was not built for fun, but because of necessity.


The fictional Count-character based on the antisocial teenage Varg is perhaps infinitely more interesting and attractive (and not least marketable) than the real (in 2006) 33-year-old me, but he is not real! The picture of Varg "the Count" Vikernes presented to especially Norwegians by the media is a false picture and it is about time you realize that. Whether you are a fan, foe or friend you should relate to reality, and not to some media-character created by the journalists also for commercial reasons. Stop giving me credit or criticism for something I never did or for something I never was, for statements that weren't mine or for advocating an ideology or religion that I never even knew. Stop attacking me, or indeed embracing me, on false pretence. When I am attacked or embraced by others I want them to do that only when and if they have a good reason to do so, and not because they believe in the lies of the media or the so-called judicial system.

The real Varg Vikernes is not that interesting, I think, and there is not much to say about me, and in any case, when I get out of prison, whenever that may be, I will disappear from public view anyhow. As I see it I am a prisoner on a ship ("The Sodom & Gomorrah") - the modern world - heading for disaster, and when I am released from captivity I will jump overboard and swim back to dry land a.s.a.p.. I don't want anything to do with this thoroughly sick so-called civilization, so I will do my best to get away from it all. There will be no more articles like this one, no more (strictly speaking) unnecessary communication with strangers in the modern world and no interviews. I will publish a few books, possibly using a pseudonym in order to stay anonymous, and perhaps a Burzum album or two, but that's it.

I say this because I have been told that some people expect a lot from me when I am released. Well; don't expect anything. Unless You look for my books or albums You can expect to never hear from or about me again. I don't want anything to do with You or the thoroughly sick world You live in. Count me out. I am going home, to the Norwegian countryside, to the wilderness and fresh air, to a healthy farm-life and Mother Earth's embrace. You can have Your plagued urban brothel and Your sick mongrel Hell on Earth to Yourself.

If You indeed share the thoughts on this with me that is fine, and I salute You for it, but unlike me You can do something about this anytime, and I don't understand why You haven't already. I'm in prison, so unfortunately I cannot escape from the influence of the modern Sodom and Gomorrah just yet. What is Your excuse?

Varg "Lífþrasir" Vikernes

Meglio soli che mal accompagnati.
(It is better to be alone than in bad company)

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