A Burzum Story: Part XI - Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

When I speak through www.burzum.org I always imagine that I speak only to Burzum fans. If not a Burzum fan, why would You visit this site? Judging from the response to the A Burzum Story: Part X - "The White God", this is not the case. Or maybe it is, in which case I have a whole lot of fans in the media.

When these apparent Burzum fans in the media report the news that Burzum will release another album, the reaction is kind of weird. Most of them have been honourable enough to both print the whole article, or at least most of it, and tell their readers where they got the news from. This is correct and lawful journalism, when dealing with copyrighted material. "Hurray" to You for that.

Apparently my comparing of black metallers with the stereotypical Negro and homosexuals is not taken lightly in "the real world". Because of my thoughtless remarks I am, according to them or their readers, both a vile racist and homophobic, and should ideally be stone to death for being intolerant. Naturally.

The problem is that my remarks aren't really homophobic. What I do is simply point at the obvious facts; some black metallers dress, walk, talk, look and act like stereotypical homosexuals. Both the black metallers in question and the stereotypical homosexuals obviously buy their clothes, their make-up and jewellery from the same "laces & leather" shops. They wear the same clothes, the same make-up and the same jewellery. So they do dress and look like the stereotypical homosexual. End of discussion.

The funny thing is that I never really stated if this was a bad thing or not. Maybe I in fact think dressing and looking "gay" is okay, but perhaps not for black metallers, who think of themselves and try to present themselves as some sort of "dark warriors"? Who can tell? I surely never said anything about that in my article. So, when readers of my words react so strongly it is because they are homophobic: they obviously think that dressing and looking like homosexuals is a bad thing. Maybe they should take a look in the mirror and think for a minute before they start attacking me for being homophobic?

When it comes to the "racist remark" I can only apologize to You all. I obviously live in a different world, where one can discuss ones perception of reality without any fear of harassment; a world of tolerance and respect, a world of intellectual debate and honesty. Some of You apparently don't, so when I speak I must be careful. I must say, though, that if You don't like what I say to my fans on www.burzum.org, then please don't read or refer to my articles. It's a free world, and You are free not to read my articles. I want to point out that my so called "racist remark" was actually not intended to be racist or to offend anyone but the black metallers in question, whom I happen to know have indeed some strong views and opinions. It was purely meant to draw attention to how some black metal artists are more and more acting and living a lifestyle like the individuals they at least in private claim to despise.

When it comes to the title of the next album, "The White God", this has nothing to do with "race" or "skin colour" or anything like that. Please stop this nonsense about "The White God" being a racist album. This album is about Baldr, known as "The White God", because he is a solar deity and because he is pale after spending time in the realm of the dead. I don't use the Baldr name because I want to speak to all the different cultures of Europe, and we all happen to have our own name for this deity. The British/Picts/Gaulls called him Belenus, the Greeks called him Apollon, the Romans Apollo, the Scytho-Slavs Byelobog, and so forth, and before that we all called him Belus. However, we all know him as the White God, and therefore I use this as the title for my album.

The next album is a description of a part of our culture that most of us have forgotten all about. I know this interest many of You, or at least many of the Burzum fans (as surely not all the readers of this are Burzum fans). Maybe You should wait and see for Yourselves, before You start "burning books", like some certain ignorant predecessors in history.

Thank You for the attention, and for being able to bring some colour to Your lives. :-)

Varg Vikernes

This article is written for www.burzum.org

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