A Burzum Story: Part VIII - On Overgrown Paths

There are many ways we can follow through life, but a vast majority chooses to follow the herd on the wide and easily passable tarmac road that only leads to spiritual mediocrity and stagnation. At the end of the road they leave no trace of their existence behind and simply pass into oblivion. Like cattle they follow the individual in front of them, with little thought to what they are doing, and they walk straight into the nothingness. They choose this path because it offers them the least resistance and the most comfortable life.

There are other ways, though, other paths that man can follow through life. Naturally the paths our forefathers followed are overgrown today. Nobody has walked on these paths for a very long time, and the wild nature has reclaimed most of them. We have to search carefully to even find out they exist. However, these paths are not easy ways. Those who follow the overgrown paths will, on their way, stumble over mossy rocks and roots in dark forests, they will frequently slip and fall in the mud, get stuck in bogs and have to swim through dangerous currents. Apart from the occasional wanderer one might encounter out there, in the wilderness, it is also a very lonely path to follow. You mostly walk alone.

When the overgrown paths cross the tarmac road of the herd, the lone traveler - filthy, often messy and dressed in rags - will be met by a hail of abusive language; mockery, scorn, fear and even hatred. The cattle are used to obediently follow the individual in front of them with no intrusions. An individual traveling in another direction, or crossing the road, will always cause confusion and uncertainty in their featherbrained ranks.

The herd finds no mysterious secrets, no spiritual enlightenment or ancient lore on the tarmac road. The runes and golden pieces of the gods can only be found in the green grass or under the moss, on the overgrown paths. The enlightenment will only be achieved by the individual who leaves the footsteps of the person in front of him or her and looks up towards the sky, for a change. The ancient lore will only be learned by those who walk where the ancients once walked, and do like our forefathers did.

It is not easy to find the exit roads leading to the overgrown paths from the highway. Most people just rush by them, not even knowing they are there. You have to look for them, often in the most unlikely places, and even you might fail to find them. Others are more lucky, in the sense that they are given the directions by others. Destiny is perhaps all that matters, and those who are predetermined to find the overgrown paths will in any case eventually find them. Whether they like or not.

I am walking on such an overgrown path, and perhaps that is the why it sometimes is hard for people to comprehend what I am saying, doing and thinking about, and why many react with disgust or fear no matter what I do or say. But so what? I know what really matters in life and I only really care about the "spiritual heroes and heroines", the Einherjers and Valkyries I occasionally meet out there in the wilderness, who have found their own exit from the tarmac road. I only really care about the strong individuals who are out looking for the runes, the gold of the gods, in the green grass. I only really respect the others who do like me and walk on overgrown paths. The mediocre masses matter no whit. Valhalla is not for the sheep.

Varg "Loki" Vikernes
(December 2004)

Aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi
(Our gold is not like the gold of the common man)

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