"Wotan Mit Uns!" 2003 (AB000)
Ancient Beliefs Productions

Wotan Mit Uns! 2003


Blodsrit "Stemmen Fra Tårnet"
Aruvendill "Í Heimr Heljar"
The Syre "Black Spell Of Destruction"
Dog In Pain "Once (Again) Emperor"
Caitiff "Erblicket Die Töchter Des Firmaments"
Nargothrond "Variation On Illa Tiðandi"
Forefather "Beholding The Daughters Of The Firmament"
Rodolphe "Lost Wisdom"
Alberich "Spell Of Destruction"
Westwind "Det Som Engang Var"
Sentinel "Key To The Gate"
Pimentola/Chaotic Visions Attack "Spell Of Destruction"

Edition with "xeroxed" black and white cover (copies given or sold on a closed circle, numbered) and the re-release edition with color cover (the main release, not numbered). The issuance is as follows: both editions on semi-professional CD-R with the unique black and white textured surface (some CD-R with black playing surface). Although first edition was numbered to 500 there were never issued more than 100 in total. It was discontinued at some point and then released as re-mastered edition, with color, proper quality cover, and this also only limited to around 100 pieces.

© 2003 Ancient Beliefs Productions

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