Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Putrefaction" Magazine (#07, 1992)

Burzum the new Black Metal group from Norway! Oh, their LP are just fucking great! I hope you have bought it from DSP? If you not own this record, you has missed a very good Black Metal album! The music Burzum are playing are real atmospheric, and we can describe them to sound like: Bathory, Celtic Frost and Mayhem in their old times... Well, now to the interview...


First of all, are Burzum a one man band?

Hm... First of all I am not a man! But yes I am the only horny being in Burzum.

Isn't it hard to play all the instruments alone?

Well, in some songs yes! Mostly it's quite easy!

And now you has recorded your debut LP, what is the title of it?

I think it is right for Burzum to call their debut LP just Burzum, so I did! Many old groups called their debut LP only after the band name, so I think doing it now brings the old spirit up again!

How much do you hope the album will sell?

So many that I can live of the music! The underground is dead! Only (almost) trend people left!!!

What do you think of that Darkthrone has change their style from techno death metal to Black Metal?

About that, Darkthrone has always played Black Metal, "Soulside Journey" has total Black Metal lyrics, so it's also a Black Metal LP. Their new stuff is more what people know as Black Metal musically! I think it's better than the death of Jesus!

How much money do you get for every 1000 copies you sell?

10000 NOK... ca. 130-140 USD

What for new bands has DSP signed?

Abruptum, Mayhem. Maybe Arcturus.

What do you think of that Entombed are in Swedish television, and on the money making MTV?

I have always hated Entombed! I guess their second LP is better than "Left Hand Path". I hope that for Entombed... "Left Hand Path" is the bottom of shitty Death Metal! False people shouldn't be anywhere! By the way it's not MTV. It's NTV "Nigger television".

What do you want to do with all false people?

Rip their little sisters heads off, then fuck them in their throat! Necro pedo dhilt rules!

Do you wear black clothes and spikes?

I wear black clothes yes! I wear spikes only in war with medieval maniacs in Bergen.

Which are your total classic Death Metal album?

"Morbid Tales"

Future plans and last shit?

Abruptum must be Norwegian! Future plans: Make war with Sweden!

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Putrefaction magazine #7 1992

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