Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Burning Ground" Magazine (1994)

Again, this "interview" is made up from selected extracts of my correspondence with Kamerad Varg Vikernes / Greifi Grishnackh.


You stopped the "Anti-LaVey" shit Øystein Aarseth / Euronymous started.

Aye, the Church Of Satan talks about the elite, the Black Metal Mafia talks about the elite-race: we talk about the elite of the elite-race, so we can cooperate with both the fore mentioned categories. The statement appeared in the newspaper the other day. I think this will calm down the so-called "true" Satanists around who spend more energy talking shit about the Church Of Satan than they spend doing anything else.

How are things going with the Cymophane-centers?

We must explain the concept to others and thus find the elite in each country. We will take our time in doing that as we do not need unserious or half-serious elitists. The response on the Cymophane Propaganda will elucidate the situation I think. I mean, we need all elitists, but only the most thorough elitist can be a Cymophane national center. Right now, I think you and I can cover Europe at least fairly well.

How about the play that some people will call a "fair" trial?

The trial is not going particularly well. They have false testimonies but we will try to get the truth out. As you say, the trial is just a play, but I will try to get out of it the best way possible and with my self-respect intact. No need to give up as all the others did - only weaklings crawl to the cross for mercy! Strange that people actually believe the Inquisition is over. The only difference is that toady, they got altruism, and the feebleness of that altruism prevents them from burning us. Instead we are imprisoned, but the injustice is the same. "Jewish justice".

Alluding to the press coverage...

As Fenriz so correctly stated, "Journalism reeks of incompetence". Not only music journalists, but all of them - a unique breed they are: the Homo Pestis!

Darkthrone are facing boycott / lock out for suspicion that they be racist / fascist or Nazis. Do you wish to comment upon the situation?

Der Angriff on Darkthrone is but a feeble attempt to suffocate the courageous ones. Darkthrone only strengthened their positions by facing adversity. "With my art I am the fist in the face of god!" Panzerfaust - Satan thrive. The inept Jews prove our effect by their heavy reactions: they fucking feel the beating!

And you wrote some lyrics.

Aye, I wrote half the lyrics on "Transilvanian Hunger," and others for "Panzerfaust". We work together.

Last words for you.

Lay waste the world!

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