Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Hot Press" Magazine (2012), by Roisin Dwyer

This is your third album since your imprisonment, how do you feel your creative tendencies have evolved since your release?

Time moves too slowly for me to notice any evolution in my creative tendencies. To me they feel the same as always. They are constant...

Other than providing considerable time to study and write were there any other positive aspects to your imprisonment?

Sorry, but I think it is a waste of everyone's time to talk about this. I spent 16 years in prison and do not intend to spend any more time talking about this. It is all water under the bridge now.

There is a heavy emphasis on lyrics and atmosphere on the current album, why so?

Because that is where my music took me this time. Burzum is not traditional metal music, but invites and talks first and foremost those who can appreciate the «burzumic» atmosphere.

You have been described by others in many ways over the years, neo-Pagan, Odinist, neo-Nazi. Is there a term that best describes your belief system and how would you summarize it?

This is a pit I intend not to fall into (again). No matter what I say in such contexts I always soon hear some wailing choir somewhere failing completely to grasp what I say, and who criticize me because they are unable to have more than one thought in their heads at the same time. It then degenerates into a discussion about semantics, and nothing good comes from this.

I am me, as simple as that.

Your writing and lyrics seem to convey a deep disenchantment with the modern world, why did you choose to bring four children into it? And what key changes would you make if you were in a position to do so?

So you think everyone who are disappointed with this sick world should not have children? Would you care to explain the logic behind such a statement?

The world we live in has been turned into a cesspool, all right, but it will not become any better if we do not bring any good, honest and kind human beings into this world anymore. We cannot let the parasites take over completely! I will not let our Europe be overtaken by mongrel filth, and the only way to prevent this is to make sure that at least there will be blonde and blue-eyed children born into this world as well.

The left wing extremists propagating the mongrelization of the European race will never succeed as long as at least some of us keep producing 100% European children; blonde, blue-eyed, white skinned, honest, intelligent, good, kind and courageous human beings, able to resist and overthrow the Jewish tyranny we suffer from today.

Have your been following the Anders Breivik trial? Do you understand his motives? Do you sympathize with him in any way?

Of course I understand his motives. The problem with Breivik is that he was lured by Jews (such as his mentors Robert Spencer, Gisele Littman and «Fjordman») to kill his own people, even teenagers. He has been used by them and he has been fooled by them. He list all the problems of our world very eloquently (in his defense speech in court), but for some weird reason he fails to identify a single one of the origins of these problems – and they are all Jews. So...

You can read this for more about Breivik.

The image of Euronymous was recently a frontrunner in a Norwegian Air contest for a logo for their tailfin, how would you have felt if this had come to pass?

Nothing. I think that would have been perfectly fine. I think they should use his image.

You have written a detailed account of the night of the murder on burzum.org and you seem to be steadfast in the opinion that your actions were justified, was there ever a time that you questioned this?

Of course not. Unlike you and others I have never been deceived by false reports in the media. I have always known the truth.

What are your opinions of current Black Metal culture?

Sorry, but I don't pay attention to that, and haven't done so for quite some time either.

You seem to hold a deep antipathy towards journalists and the media, what is the root of this frustration? Also, media pressure played a role in your release, how do you feel about this given your stance?

You sound as if you are not able to see the shades of gray or any nuances. The world is not black and white, Mister. The Sun can warm you, but it can also burn you. The light can enlighten your path before you, but it can also blind you.

Author: Roisin Dwyer (© 2012 "Hot Press" Magazine)

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