Interview with Varg Vikernes
La Grosse Radio Metal (08.05.2012), by Lionel

"Umskiptar", a new Burzum album, is coming out in May... Do you have special expectations on the feedback and fans reactions?

Not really. I always just make music I like, and release it because a few others like it too, and because I need to make a living somehow. Like always some will like this album and others won't. C'est la vie.

You left jail in 2009 after a 16-year sentence... And since then you've released three new albums ("Belus", "Fallen" and now "Umskiptar"). Did you imagine all these albums/songs in jail to be so prolific?

No, and I can remind you of the fact that I made four albums and an EP in about 1,5 years in the early 90ies, so you shouldn't be surprised if I keep up a similar pace. I am in fact taking it easy these days, with only one album each year.

Can we expect some other albums to come in 2013, 2014, 2015... and so on?

Possibly. I am a bit preoccupied with some other huge projects, so I might not be able to make anything at all in a few years, but we will see. Maybe I will find the time for music as well.

Last November, you also released "From the Depths of Darkness", a compilation with re-recorded songs from your 1992 and 1993 albums. Why such a choice?

Well, I didn't like the vocals and productions on the first album, and I wanted to re-record them so that I could listen to the music again. I like the music a lot, but I just couldn't stand the old vocals...

Back to "Umskiptar". Can you tell us about the concept of this new album?

The concept is the metamorphoses of nature through one full year. The changes we see in nature as summer replaces spring, autumn replaces summer, winter replaces autumn and then spring replaces winter.

If I had understood correctly, the lyrics are not directly from you but taken from a Norse poem, "Völuspá". Can you tell us more about it?

Yes, I have used the "Völuspå" poem and used it as lyrics this time. The poem is a mythological description of the metamorphoses of nature, as described above.

Is it still possible to be pagan in 2012?

Well, is it still possible to be Christian in 2012?

It is possible to value and embrace the Pagan (i.e. European!) ideals and morals, and to reject the Judification of Europe through Judeo-Christianity.

The piano on "Alfadanz" reminds me of something. It's very poetic, is it taken from a classical title?

No, it is just me playing the guitar riff using a piano instead. It has a very traditional folk sound, so I guess that's the why you think it sounds like classical music.

Is there a specific song that is even more important for you on this album for personal reason? One that may raise a special pride?

Not as such, but I do think "Alfadanz" is the best.

Can we say that it is like a return to the roots for Burzum?

Yes, it is a return to my roots in European classical and traditional music.

As for the future, can we expect one day another 100% instrumental/ambient/atmospheric Burzum album?

You can probably expect to someday see an ambient album or a pure piano album, or something like that, but I don't think it will be instrumental. There will most likely always be vocals.

Your Website is in English or in Russian. Why?

Because the admin knows English and Russian. I may add that many articles are available on the website in many different languages as well, and some in French too.

You've been in jail for 16 years. Which kind of experiences did you learn when you lived remote from society life?

Ah, this is all water under the bridge. I spent 16 years in prison and I do not intend to spend much time after my release talking about it. It's no big deal.

Everybody knows that in 1993 you killed Øystein Aarseth, an event that led you to prison... How do you feel with this 19 years after? Have you realized that you did something wrong and terrible?

Pardon my frankness, by what do you know about this? Do you realized that perhaps what you have been told is not correct?

I defended my life, and I would do it again any time. I would defend the life of anyone else I met and who were in danger too, I may add. I am not some sub-human kneeling in front of the picture of some criminal Jew on a cross, turning my other cheek when someone hits me or those close to me.

More generally, do you have some regrets in your life?

I will know when I die and cannot do anything more in life. Death is the only moment of real truth.

Did your experience of 16 years in prison help you to write a book like "Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia".

It helped in the sense that I lived the life of a hermit and could spend all my time studying and doing research, wasting no time on travel, making food or other mundane tasks necessary when you are "free".

How do you see the presidential elections in France? What do you think about the different candidates? (Hollande, Sarkozy, M. Le Pen, Melanchon, the Norwegian ecologist Eva Joly...)

The elections in France gives hope to Europe, because Marine Le Pen might win. Hollande is married to a Jew and a traitor to his nation. Sarkozy is an Hungarian Jew who see the presidential position as a means to "butter his own behind", so to speak, and I have never seen a person lying more than he does (and I spent 16 years in prison with mostly criminal scum). Melanchon is a Freemason (i. e. an "artificial" Jew, so he is "in bed with" the Jews as well) and traitor to his nation. The "Norwegian" ecologist Eva Joly is a joke, "in bed with" the pedophile Jew Cohen-Bendit. I am ashamed of being Norwegian every time I see her treacherous face. They all try to replace the entire French population with Afro-Asian immigrants (who vote for them!). The only one different and not a Jew or "in bed with" a Jew in this election is Marine Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen is a fantastic woman, a modern Jean D'Arc, and I would be very grateful if we had a politician like her here in Norway, or elsewhere in Europe for that sake. She is the only one who can save France as a nation, a culture and a people and if France is saved the rest of Europe will follow.

May I, by the way, remind you of the fact that the socialists really wanted the rabid rapist pimp "DSK", who is also a Jew, of course, as their candidate. What kind of political party ever even considers such a pervert as their presidential candidate?

A few months ago you surprised everyone with a "Letter to France" in which you supported Marine Le Pen... did you receive harsh reactions from some people/fans because of it?

Quite a lot of Frenchmen have written me because of this, but with four exceptions they have all been positive, thanking me for writing that article. Two of the negative reactions were from Neo-Nazis, who complained that she in their eyes wasn't sufficiently anti-Jewish.

Recently, tragic attacks perpetrated by extremist men happened both in Norway and France. Do you make a difference between the slaughter in Norway with Anders B. Breivik as a Christian Fundamentalist and more recently in Toulouse (France) with Mohammed Merah as an radical Islamist?

Recently, tragic attacks perpetrated by extremist men happened in both Libya and Afghanistan too. Do you make a difference between the slaughter in Afghanistan ordered by Sarkozy as a fundamentalist Jew and more recently in Libya ordered by Sarkozy as a radical Zionist (pushed on by the Jew "BHL")?

In Norway; 69 civilians dead.

In France; 6 civilians dead.

Afghanistan; 15,863 civilians dead. Still counting.

Libya; between 10,000 and 30,000 civilians dead. Still counting.

You do the math. And the attacks in Norway and France come only as a direct result of the crimes committed by Jews like Sarkozy.

Man's domination over Nature seems to progress everyday... Does that make you angry?

Not angry, but sad. The problem is mankind being too numerous. Mankind need quality, not quantity. I trust that Mother Earth will solve this problem herself if it gets too bad.

What is your view on the global economical crisis that is plaguing our world? Do you think it's going to continue or things will be better?

It will only get worse, because criminal Jews in the banking system are allowed to print money from nothing and then loan it to others for interest. So every single country on this planet, and almost all families as well, owe them money. The Jewish Rothchild family alone owns more than 50% of all wealth in Europe already, and the problem is that the Jews don't know when to stop. They are too greedy for their own good. They will continue to plunder and steal until there is nothing left to steal. We will be left with nothing, not even food to feed our children. At that point we will revolt, again, as we have done so many times when similar things happened in the past, and we will see another massive pogrom and the "poor" Jews will face persecution again.

Only when the Jews have been kicked out and stripped of all their stolen goods will Europe feel good again. It will be a healthy, happy place until we let the Jews back in, and they will start all over again trying to steal all that is ours. So I hope the eternal Jew will never be let into Europe again. Ever.

Can you explain your promo pictures of 2012? Are you at war with somebody?

Like all European men should always be, I am at war with the enemies of Europe. It is a war still fought only with words and pictures, but still a war. It is our duty as men to defend our lands and peoples.

You're playing with 2 facts, on one side you're dressed in military clothing and on the other side you're wearing a Viking helmet. Do we have to try to find a signification behind that?

It's an image of the ancient European fighting or preparing to fight for his Europe, wearing the colour blue (the Pagan colour), and then the metamorphosis of the same warrior, still fighting for the same, only in more modern times. Possibly in the future. They can kill us, but we will only be reborn and keep fighting. The European spirit will never die.

Can you tell us something about your new artwork?

It is a romantic image of the Night as a goddess riding across the sky, painted by the Norwegian artist P.N. Arbo. It is used because the album deals with the metamorphoses of nature including the changes taking place as night replaces day, and vice versa.

You are considered by many as a racist with an extreme spirit. How do you live with these accusations and are you aware that sometimes your words may shock people?

"Accusations"? Being called a racist is not an accusation, but an honorary title. Of course I am! Yes, I understand that my words may shock others, but only because they have been brainwashed to think racism is a bad thing or because they don't know that I am right and base my racism on knowledge that has been hidden from them by malevolent and anti-European Jews like Sarkozy, DSK, BHL, et cetera. It is not wrong to shock others, or even to terrify them, if you need to in order to make them think a little bit for themselves for a change.

Now you're far from the Black Metal scene. Do you feel alone or do you still have some contacts? I've read that you are still in touch with some of Mayhem and Darkthrone guys...

The guys of Darkthrone and Mayhem are good guys, but I no longer have any contact with them. We have different interests in life. No, I have no contacts in the black metal scene. Not that I know of any way...

What music are you listening the most every day? Not only metal I guess.

Mostly some of The Cure's music and an album ("Within the Realm of a Dying Sun") by Dead Can Dance.

In the early of the 90's you created with others the imagery of Black Metal (forest, nature, medieval roots...). What do you think about new bands following the same way in 2012?

In short; I don't think about them, and I don't pay any attention to what they do.

Do Wardruna (with Gaahl) or Krauka keep the traditional, ancestral and respectful approaches of the Pagan spirit for You?

Sorry, but I have not heard or seen anything they have done.

Do you know the French Black Metal scene, the Black Legions in the 90's like Mütiilation, Torgeist and Vlad Tepes trying to reproduce the Inner Circle in France? Would you still support this type of terrorist (or destruction) actions?

Sorry, but I don't know anything about this.

You create new songs and you know that you will probably never play them live. Isn't it frustrating?

Not at all. If I wanted to play live I would have a real band.

What do you think about the movie "Severed Ways - The Norse Discovery of America" of Tony Stone with some Burzum soundtracks?

Well, I just googled it and read about it for the first time. It doesn't sound very interesting, and I didn't know they used any music by Burzum. It's probably just another Hollywood nonsense story. Everything touched by Hollywood turns to shit, so to speak. Pardon my language.

But if one day someone you know is asking you to join his band, would you consider the offer and possibly accept the deal?

Not really no.

How do you create a song? Do you need to be in a special state of mind? For example do you need to be in the middle of nature to write a song?

No, I just sit down and play until I play something I like, and then I record it for later use. When I have enough riffs I arrange them and make songs of it. Of course I need to be inspired to make music, but inspiration doesn't come out of thin air; you can muster it yourself if, when and where you want to and need it.

Finally, how do you see yourself in 10 or 20 years? Still doing some music? Other projects in mind?

Most likely I will still make music. Musicians rarely if ever retire. Yes, I have other projects in mind too. Books. Films.

Thank you for your time. Do you have some final words for your French fans?

Thank you for your interest. Remember that music was originally all sung or played in context with sorcery, and later religion, and that the scalds (alias bards and troubadours) of the past were first and foremost teachers, using entertainment (like music and poetry) to spread their lore and to educate others. Music today is mostly just entertainment, but it can still be something more than that. Don't be surprised or too negative when I try to do things the way our forefathers did it. I am European after all; in blood and spirit.

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Author: Lionel (© 2012 La Grosse Radio Metal)

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