Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Look at Yourself" (November 2012), by Tolis Yovanitis

Where were you born?

In Haukeland hospital in Bergen, Norway.

How was your childhood environment? (how was it growing up in the place you grew up)

It was nice in the beginning and then grew increasingly worse, as the puppet politicians spent their time ruining Norway. We had forests, meadow fields and even a small lake nearby, where we used to play. I said "had" because it is all gone now; replaced by apartment blocks to house the pensioners who ruined our country and (far away from them, of course) all the Afro-Asian immigrants they let in.

What's the fondest memory you have from your childhood?

Probably the one of me playing in the forests and the meadow fields with the other kids.

How did you find yourself drawn to metal music?

I think it was because it was more similar to the classical music I already listened to, and I think also that I was attracted to the "rebel" feeling of metal music; I wanted to be an outsider when I saw the direction most others were heading.

Which was the first metal album you bought, tape-dubbed or traded?

Something by Iron Maiden, I am sure.

Do you remember the first metal gig you attained? How was it?

Yes, I remember, and I realized that gigs were not my cup of tea, so to speak.

What was the dumbest thing you did while a teenage metalhead?

Well, I don't think I was ever really a metalhead, but I sure was a teenager, and I guess the dumbest thing I did (I did a lot of dumb things) must have been playing "Russian roulette" with a bolt action rifle all by myself. The rifle was very old so it only worked occasionally when I pulled the trigger the first time (but it always worked the second time). I did this to "test my fate", so to speak, to see if I had a meaning in life. "If I blow my brains out I am not meant to live". It was pretty dumb, but also one of the scariest things I have ever done. Pulling that trigger with the gun to my head was hard. I did this on 13 different occasions, so I guess I have a purpose in life...

When did you decide to become a full-time heavy metal musician?

By the age of 17, when I gave up on the rest of the world.

Which was the first cover song you played?

Probably something by Slayer. I don't remember.

How did your family react when you told them you want to be musician?

"Music is okay as a hobby, but you need to get some education and a real job".

What would you have done in life if you had never been a band member?

I would probably have been a full time rebel...

What's the most embarrassing stage-moment you have experienced?

Playing live with Old Funeral in Notodden (a small town in Norway) only to discover after the concert that my guitar Amp had been turned off all the time.

What's your favorite songs from the ones you have recorded so far? Any memories from the time you were recording it?

Probably "Alfadanz", from "Umskiptar".

Do you have an Idol? Have you ever met him/her? How was it?

Not really. I think ideals and ideas are my true idols, not individual human beings.

Any regrets for choosing to become a full time musician? Would you encourage your kids to do so?

No! No! No! I would ask them to get an education for themselves and a real job instead. :-)

Do you have a certain kind of phobia?

Well, I have a fear of heights some times, but it has never prevented me from climbing in the mountains, so to speak, so I wouldn't describe it as a phobia. There are many things I don't like, nut describing them as phobias would be wrong.

Have you ever been stalked by a fan? Are fans annoying sometimes?

Yes I have, several (in fact many) times. It was understandable when I met stalkers in the metal sub-culture; all I had to do to get rid of them was to not move about in those circles, but it is very annoying when they even walk up to your front door, in your private home in the mountains, several hours away from the nearest town, and want to talk to you. I am sure they don't mean ill or have any bad intentions, but some people just need to think a bit more about what they actually do.

If you were a huge rock-star what would be the strangest thing you would demand on your rider?

My "rider"? Sorry, but I think the meaning of that question got lost in the translation.

What do you do to fill the vacant time while on tour?

I don't tour.

What's the coolest and what's un-coolest thing in heavy metal?

The coolest must be the music, the un-coolest the metal sub-culture, making Europeans behave like... well, not like they should.

Author: Tolis Yovanitis (© 2012 "Look at Yourself" Greece)

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