Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Phoenix Radio" (14.04.2012), by Jordan "RedBeard" Jackson

How are you today?

Fine thank you. And you?

How has your music been evolving over the years?

In circles. I revisit old themes all the time, unable to let them go, but the circle expands all the time, so I visit new themes as well.

A lot of people link you very closely with Tolkienism. How much does literature, especially Tolkien's literature, continue to influence your music?

Ah, well, I don't think there is any Tolkienism left in Burzum since and including "Dauði Baldrs". Maybe it was the worthless "LotR" Hollywood productions who did it for me or maybe I just grew a better taste or simply matured, but Tolkien's world has lost its magic to me. I am still fascinated by fantasy settings, and love our myths and fairy tales, but Tolkien's world has lost its magic to me. His interpretations of old fairy tales and myths are just so... thoroughly Judeo-Christian.

Other literature inspire and educate me, and influence Burzum that way. I am particularly fond of our European mythologies and of course the European fairy tales.

Production style is a major discussion point regarding your music. How has your continued studio experience changed your engineering philosophy?

I certainly don't try to make sound as raw as possible any more, but I am more focused on the atmosphere than the sound quality itself, and I see the production itself as a means to create a certain atmosphere. If it sounds too polished or exactly like other albums I wouldn't like it.

Especially in recent years, you have expressed contempt for scene-following black metal fanboys. Do you still loathe them, or have you accepted them?

I don't worry about them. Burzum is not black metal, and I have nothing whatsoever to do with the black metal genre in any way. It might come as a shock to you, but I haven't had either since 1993, when I recorded the "Filosofem" album as an anti-black metal album, as a revolt against the (at that time) ridicules black metal trend.

For better or for worse, your history precedes you. Do you feel haunted by your past, or has is been something constructive from which you have learned?

My past is unproblematic to me. I protected my life when it was under threat, and I would do that again any time. However, I do learn every day, and I have learned a lot from watching how the Jewish-owned media has spread poisonous lies and vicious hate propaganda to hurt me, my credibility and my honour for almost two decades now.

To what extent does pain influence your work?

Sorry, but may I ask you why you ask me that question? Why on Earth would pain influence my work? Do you mistake me for some black metal clown from Satyricon or something like that? Do some research before you ask your questions. Or maybe you have a different agenda?

Many people's political extremism mellows as they age. Has yours, or does your nationalist ideology burn as intensely as it always has?

Well, I have never been an extremist; racism and nationalism is not extremism; racism and nationalism is the natural and normal (judging from a few thousand years of history) ideologies.

Extremism is when you propagate the mongrelization of the European race and advocate the destruction of each and every nation in Europe, by any and all means. Extremism is when you open the doors to your country and hand over all the power to banker Jews and turn your other cheek when Arabs and Negroes rape your women in the streets.

Yes, I am still a human being who cares for the well-being of my own race and nation. I am still a person who is not deceived by the lies of the Jewish bankers running this world. I am still a person not jumping into the reeking grave dug for us by the elders of Zion. I still have a backbone. Thank you.

Which is your favourite Burzum release?

"Umskiptar", I guess.

What is the future for Burzum / Varg Vikernes?

Time shall tell. More of the same, I guess. I am very persistent...

Is there a question which you've never been asked in an interview which you wish you could be asked?

Not really, no. I would however wish that more of those asking me questions were genuinely interested in the (perhaps few) topics I actually know much about, and more than most others, and that they really wanted to learn something. Alas! Most of you guys are digging mud in a reeking bog when there is gold a few feet to your right.

Author: Jordan "RedBeard" Jackson (© 2012 "Phoenix Radio", UK)

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