Interview with Varg Vikernes
Revolution-Music.dk (11.04.2012), by Tom "MetalMorfar" Jæger

Revolution Music: Hello Varg. Congratulations on your new album "Umskiptar".

Thank you very much.

The title "Umskiptar" means Metamorphoses. What kind of Metamorphoses are you referring to?

First and foremost the metamorphoses described in the lyrics of the album; a mythical description of the annual changes in nature and man.

The lyrics are taken from the Norse poem, Völuspá. What inspired you to use this theme?

I decided to use this poem whilst working on the translation of "Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia", and I think it would be correct to list the book itself as the main inspiration for using this theme.

The lyrics seem to be written in the Norse tongue why did you keep that?

Because Old Norwegian/Old Danish (i.e. [Western] Norse) is so much more beautiful, poetic and powerful than modern Norwegian/Danish. The fact that I used the original language lifted the entire production and gave it a special atmosphere, I think.

Does the music contain any new elements when compared to your previous work?

Well, it probably contains more a traditional sound (as in traditional European music), it has more vocal variety and also more vocals due to the fact that the entire Völuspá poem is used as lyrics.

You recorded the album in Grieghallen Studio in Bergen. Was there any special reason for this choice?

Yeah, I guess so; old habit.... I am not fond of the idea of having to meet new individuals and having to get used to a new studio. "If it works, don't fix it."

What can you tell about the recording sessions, did they differ from your normal way of working?

Not really. I still record one instrument at the time and then add vocals. This is how I have done it all the time, but it is a bit easier now when everything is recorded digitally, as I can more easily record bits and pieces and then just "cut and paste" it together something that was very hard when we recorded the music on analogue recording equipment (which I did on all albums before "Filosofem").

On your website you write many pages to tell your story and views on things. Is it important to you what the world thinks of Varg Vikernes or do you simply feel misunderstood?

Nah, I think it is more important to simply tell the truth in a world where we are drowned in lies wherever we turn our heads.

How has your long imprisonment affected you, both as a person and as an artist?

Not at all. This is all water under the bridge.

Do you regret the crimes that you were tried and sentenced for?

I regret the fact that I was sentenced for crimes I didn't commit. I killed a guy, all right but it was not a murder. You can read all about that on burzum.org if you care to.

Would you consider collecting Burzum as a live band for concerts and maybe tours?

No. Well, I will never say never, but at least I have no such plans.

Do you have any comments or breaking news on Burzum that are not covered by the questions above?

I guess I should stress that Burzum has only one single website, and that is burzum.org, and this is the only website I support and collaborate with. I have no Facebook profiles or anything of that sort, and the only reliable source of information regarding Burzum is burzum.org.

Thanks for taking your time to do this interview and good luck with "Umskiptar"!

Thank you for the interest and good luck to you to and good luck to Denmark and the Danish people! Like all sane Norwegians I love you all! :-)

Author: Tom "MetalMorfar" Jæger (© 2012 Revolution-Music.dk Denmark)

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