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Lately I have received some negative reactions concerning the www.burzum.com. I face mainly two types of objections to this web site: firstly it is run by Rainer, the son of an Indian doctor (German mother) and secondly it does not only contain info about Burzum or related subjects. As for the second point I hope Rainer henceforth do a better job at weeding out things that does not have anything to do with Burzum. Other subject can be dealt with on other web-sites.

Let me then discuss the fact that Rainer - and Jessica as well as far as I have understood - is not White. This seems to be a problem to several Whites out there and some of my own Comrades have started to complain about other peoples' reactions to this. My enemies use this to harm me. If they possible can succeed in harming me because of this is another question though. I mean; the same guys do not seem to have a problem with Himmler or Hitler, so why should they have a problem with me?

What on Earth am I talking about? Well, considering the fact that Himmler enlisted Albanian and Bosnian Muslims (i.e. Turks!) in the Waffen-SS, used Tibetans monks to translate ancient writings in Berlin before and during the war this is relevant. Also they have to take into consideration that Hitler let Indians fight for him, and Iraq, Japan, Siam (Thailand) and several Egyptian groups of anti-British resistance as well, to mention some of the non-Whites that were either allies of Hitler's Germany or enlisted under German military command. The most extreme example though is the fact that 79 Jewish officers were allowed to continue as officers in the Wehrmacht during the war. They led their troops skillfully against the Russians on the Eastern Front. Some of them even died for Hitler's Germany.

So shall we question Hitler's or Himmler's sincerity in their belief in National Socialism because of this? Well, of course not. Instead I will tell You what National Socialism really is all about - and what it is not all about.

National Socialism is not about killing or beating up all non-Whites or anything like that. If You believe this You are really ignorant and very confused - brainwashed by the Jewish hate-propaganda we have seen since Hitler got to power and ever since. National Socialism is all about co-operation between the different races. National Socialism is all about not mixing our White race with other races, but this does not mean we hate and want to kill everybody else. National Socialism is all about using Your brain to the benefit of the race, and not only to Your own short-term benefit.

Although some confused and until now ignorant - but probably well-meaning - kids are negative to the fact that the www.burzum.com is run by a "dark skinned guy" I can not seriously even consider telling him to "get lost" just because of that. Wake up guys! Almost all the Muslim world is more positive to National Socialism than to the modern Western World! I have several friends (Kameraden) that have served in the former Norwegian UN unit stationed in Lebanon/Israel. They all tell me about Hitler paintings on the walls in the Palestine houses and about friendly Palestines who look upon White anti-Jews as their best allies. In Singapore and/or Malaysia the "Schindler's List" propagandafilm was banned completely from all cinemas, because the government refused to entertain its people with lies! In Japan Hitler is viewed as one of Europe's best political leaders ever.

We fight for a Europe for Europeans. We fight for the survival of our race. We need to throw millions of non-Whites out of Europe because of this and we will kill everybody who refuse to co-operate with us - or at least send them back to the certain death in their homelands. Saddam and the other leaders of non-White countries will thank us for not giving their traitors a free haven anymore! Africa and Asia will be happy to find out that we do not try to tell them what to do in their own countries, like the Western World is doing today. They will run their countries like they want to - it is not our business what or how they do this, unless they pose a threat to us. And seriously; nobody on Earth poses a threat to Europe. Whether we like it or not we are more skilled and experienced in warfare than anybody else, and we have the best and most effective technology of war on Earth. This goes for our European brothers in America as well, although they lack a lot of the fighting spirit we still have in Europe.

Still we will not throw all non-Whites out of Europe. We welcome some of them as well; diplomats from Asia and Africa, scientists who help us interpret their religions and mentality etc. The Tibetans in Germany worked as translators of old Tibetan texts, which Himmler believed to be old Aryan texts. We seek the revival of our old Aryan mentality, and to succeed in this we also need to investigate the texts from areas that were inhabited by Aryans in the past.

But Rainer knows all of this, and if he did not know this he for sure does now. He is still working for Burzum though, because he understands what I am saying, what I am talking about. Rainer has understood what many of You have not. He probably disagrees with me on many points, but obviously he has to understand that Burzum (National Socialism) is not about hatred for other races or prejudice. And yes, the Spirit of Burzum is the same as National Socialism (see article with this title).

There are many point to our Aryan philosophy of life that is universal. We seek to secure the existence of a clean and green Mother Earth, we seek to revive our natural spirit and culture, we seek the improvement of our race both physically and spiritually, we seek the survival of our blood. Is this not something anybody can identify with, whether he or she is White or not? These ideals and goals are universal. We do not seek to force our religion or philosophy of life unto others, like the Jews have been doing the last two thousand years with Christianity and Islam. Nor do we seek the destruction of other cultures and peoples, like the Jews have been the last two thousand years with Christianity and Islam. We do not hate others, nor do we hate life on Mother Earth and everything on it - like the Jews and their minions, who prefer some fictional "paradise" to life here on our beautiful Mother Earth.

We claim that our race is better than the other races, we claim we are the most successful result of creation, but so what? We will not teach our children to hate others because of that, we will not teach our children to kill and destroy the cultures of other races just because of that. We hail our race because we think it is right to do so, but if others claim they are better than us it does not matter as long as they do not teach their children to hate us and to destroy everything that is ours. We will not question what other nations are doing or saying, just like we expect others not to question what we are doing or saying. We will mind our own business, and let the other races mind their own business as well. We will trade with them and seek to have a good relationship to then, but we will not mix with them. Our blood is holy to us.

There is nothing in this any human being can not relate to because of his or her origin. Everybody can identify with what I am saying here. For me it is the White race that is the most important, because I am white. For an African it is his race that is the most important because he is African. This is the universal part of Burzum. And it will be to the benefit of us all if we agree on this, and work together to reach these goals.

The fact that Rainer is not White will actually strengthen our position. Whether he like it or not Rainer proves to everybody out there that we are not just some hateful racists, like the Jew-media wants us to be. They all see that we are able to co-operate with "dark skinned" people. We are not stupid. In fact we are more capable of communicating with other races than the leaders of the Western World are, who have to drop bombs on others to make them listen to what they have to say. Both Hitler and Himmler co-operated with individuals from other races before anybody in the A. H. F. were even born, so there is no need for our fellow Pagan Comrades to react negatively to what is happening. I understand their reactions very well though, considering what they have been taught about National Socialism and the like in school etc. over the years, but I can assure You all that we know what we are doing, and we know that we work to the benefit of our race.

Do not let the Jew-media fool You. Do not let them sow distrust and confuse amongst us. Be not ashamed if You didn't know this before now though. It is not easy to disclose the lies of the pig system. They are expert liars and manipulators, with thousands of years of experience in lying, cheating, betraying and back-stabbing. The society tells You that we are hateful racists, but we are not, and You shall not be either. We are racists, but this is no hindrance to our co-operation with the races we believe we are superior to. Nor is this any hindrance to behaving in a polite and noble manner, in fact we encourage You to be both polite and noble. We hate nobody, we just love our own race and seek its survival and improvement by all means - and this includes co-operating with other races. Our common enemy is the forces that oppose nature (i. e. the Jewish religions and ideologies and philosophies of life), and in this we can unite to fight and thus increase our chance of winning.

If You spurn us for doing this think again, and read this article again and again until You understand what I am talking about.

Mit germanischen Grüßen,
Varg Vikernes,
Trondheim, Norway,
Medio Þorri MM a.y.p.s.

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