An Introduction to our Ancestral Cult

Ancestral CultWe live in a world where everything European is at risk of being destroyed; our art, our culture, our languages, our philosophy, our science, our religion and even our race and species. The Jewish-owned mass media/entertainment industry attacks everything that is ours. The Jewish-dominated education system attacks everything that is ours. Almost everyone in our Jewish-controlled parent generation is attacking everything that is ours; and these traitors to our race have been brainwashed beyond any hope of redemption.

Those who fight for our cause, the nationalistic parties and companies in Europe, are extinguished as beacons of light and hope, one by one, as they are infiltrated and taken over by Jews, Crypto-Jews or their anti-European Christian, Liberal or Socialist lackeys. The future of Europe might seem bleak, but this is an illusion, created by the Jews who try to destroy us. They do their best to take our hope away from us, because the tide has turned and they are terrified that we might all see this. They infiltrate and try to take over our movements because they see the writing on the wall; they see that we are going to prevail, in spite of all that they have done to destroy us. The Liberal-Socialistic experiment of theirs in Europe (i.e. their recent attempt at genocide against European race and species) has failed miserably, and the peoples of Europe are waking up from their slumber, and flocking to anti-Jewish nationalist movements and parties all over Europe.

With ancestralcult.com we intend to contribute to our victory and offer you a website with "positive information" (about everything that is European). We will also provide you with some "negative information" (attacking our enemies), but we will try to focus mainly on positive information. We will also provide you with links to other sites that we deem most valuable in this context, such as the excellent destroyzionism.wordpress.com, and we encourage all who read this article to send us links they think are relevant in this context; pro-Pagan sites and anti-Jewish sites and films in particular.

We do use Amazon to sell our products, we do use YouTube and Gmail accounts, and to some this might sound self-contradictory, but the fact is that even buying food for yourself in any shop or gasoline for your car today, or even using a credit card anywhere, means you are giving your money to Jews, and there is very little we can do about that. We want to spread our message to as many as we can, so we use the most effective distribution available for our products and ideas. It should have been possible to do this differently, and of course it will be in the future when we prevail but until then this is the best we can do.

On ancestralcult.com you will be able to find information and entertainment that is free of Jewish influence and that is purely pro-European. The website and "sub-websites" are mostly still just bones, but we will provide you with more and more flesh (or if you like muscles) to those bones in the future, so I advice all Europeans to subscribe (or rather follow) now.

The language we use for this website is English, "the new Latin", because this is the language most Europeans know, and also the language that is most easily translated by translation programs, such as Google Translate.

Our parent generation is pretty much lost to our cause, but don't worry; we the young (and the fairly young...) are the future! Those of us who survive the coming war will build a new Europe, when we emerge victorious from the ashes of the Judeo-Christian and Liberal-Socialistic anti-Europe. We will no longer live under the scourge of the star of David, the crucifix, the red star or the dollar sign, and we will rid ourselves of the Jewish yoke and of course their Muslims proxy army in Europe too.

Heill ok Sæll!

Varg Vikernes
Bergen 04.01.2013

"Age is nothing to boast of; you get it for nothing."
(European proverb)

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