Varg Vikernes bashes "Lords of Chaos" Movie:
"Bullshit Hollywood Crap"

Varg Vikernes

Varg Vikernes

There is some Hollywood film team making a film based on the "Lords of Chaos" book. This has been going on for some time. The first project was more about me, but this new project is more centered around Euronymous.

What first came to my mind was that they never did anything to actually talk to people who are involved in the scene. They just based it on a sensationalist book. Not a single question has been asked to anybody who had anything to do with the scene, so obviously they're not interested in making a documentary film. They're just interested in making a film.

But their motives start to sound more and more sinister when you look into it.

One of the things I find amusing is that they've asked Mayhem for the rights to use their music in the film. Mayhem said: "Nope, f#ck you". They have asked Darkthrone to use their music in the film, and Darkthrone has done what Darkthrone always does - tell them to f#ck off.

And then I received an email a month or two ago from some Goldman person based in the UK and he asked me for the right to use Burzum music in the film. And guess what? I told them to f#ck off too. [Grins]

So the funny thing is they're making a movie based around Darkthrone, Mayhem and Burzum, and they're not allowed to use music of any of these bands. I find that hilarious.

Another thing I find quite amusing is that one of the author of "Lords of Chaos" has publicly called me "the most anti-Semitic person in Norway". So you would assume he's well aware that I'm not fond of Judaism and Christianity and Islam. But yet, they cast to play the role as me - a person with a last name Cohen.

And we also know that Euronymous was not a big fan of drug addicts. His view on them was that ideally, they should just take an overdose and we'd get rid of them. And what do they cast to play the role of Euronymous? An ex-junkie. Ironic, isn't it?

I really expect to see a pitch-black African in the role of Snorre [Ruch] and maybe a lesbian midget feminist in the role of Hellhammer. Because apparently they are going to the extreme to make this a multi-cultural production - a film that will not challenge any of the politically-correct attitudes of our day.

This movie is probably Hollywood character-murder type thing where they have no intention of giving us any secrets of what REALLY happened or anything like that - it's just fiction, bullshit Hollywood crap made to make them money.

It's not about the truth, it is just complete bullshit. I suggest we all ignore that crap.

It's a win-win situation for me, really. If the film flops, good, they deserve it. If it doesn't flop, good, people will read my articles on Burzum.org even more.

Transcribed by Ultimate Guitar (20.12.2016)

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