Today we can with safety say that all research is politically motivated. All research requires funding, and all funding is controlled by people with an agenda. If the researchers don't produce the results wanted by the funders, they will shove the results under the carpet and stop all funding. If the researchers insist on making their results public on their own, they will face a wall of silence from MSM, or if they manage to get their voices heard anyway, they will face massive slander. Their careers are in any cases over.

When you understand this, and take it in, you will also understand that we cannot trust their research. The researchers who don't "play ball" with the funders have been weeded out a long time ago already, and the new ones coming in are quickly thrown out again. Those left do what they know they have to, in order to keep their jobs and the funds coming & in order to "deserve" the attention of MSM.

They are because of this able to twist any result into meaning something else and to present to us a little truth completely drowned in a sea of lies. Anything to keep their jobs! Anything to get more funding! Anything to be praised by the MSM, and thus the people!

You can find a hint of truth here and there, and sometimes you can study their base material, and find the actual truth, but by and large, all yes ALL research done today is politically motivated, and thus unreliable.

David Reich

"To understand the power of the genome revolution for undermining old stereotypes about identity and building up a new basis for identity, consider how its finding of repeated mixture in human history has destroyed nearly every argument that used to be made for biologically based nationalism."
(David Reich, leading geneticist)

Thank you for reading,
Varg Vikernes

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