Paganism: Part IV - Ultima Thule

All religions have a mythological explanation to the creation of Earth and mankind, and they are often very similar, probably because they all have a common origin. The constantly recurring theme is the appearance of gods from above, who then fight and defeat a race of giants, that is often described as a dragon or a serpent. Earth and mankind is then created from the remains of these giants.

In the Scandinavian mythology we learn that the first human race was created when the gods gave the worms in the body of the giant a human form. The gods were not satisfied with this race, though, and Óðinn told Heimdallr to go to Middle Earth and improve mankind, by giving them the blood of the gods. He used the name Rígr ("ruler") and the first improved race was called the kin of Trell ("thrall"), and was made up of ugly and stupid black men, with dark hair and wrinkled skin. Óðinn was not satisfied with the result, and Heimdallr had to keep trying, to get a race worthy of Valhalla. After another failed attempt, the kin of Karl ("free men"), he finally succeeded in creating a human race worthy of Valhalla. This was the beautiful kin of Jarl ("earl"). This kin consisted of tall and fair men and women, with fair hair and fair eyes. They were wise and skilled in everything they did, and Rígr taught them the runes (secrets) of the gods. The creation of the youngest of these kins, Jarl's kin, took place on an island we today know as Atlantis.

When the remaining giants finally discovered this new race - about 200.000 years after Jarl's kin had been created and then kept safe in a secret valley on Atlantis - they revolted against the gods. Þórr had to kill them or cast them into the abyss, as they charged from the caves they had lived in and threatened the existence of Jarl's kin. In the process Atlantis, where Jarl's kin had been created, sunk into the sea, some time between 35.000 and 80.000 years ago, and the surviving members of Jarl's kin were forced to move.

The god of gravity, Þórr, forced the planet to shift, to move around its own axis, and for the first time people on Earth experienced the different seasons. Before this happened the summer or winter had been eternal, depending on where you lived on planet Earth. Atlantis was in other words really a sea of ice. But it was only covered in ice for a while, and eventually the mountain peaks of Atlantis emerged from the ice as islands, around 13.000 years ago, when the last Ice Age ended. For that reason we call this land Scandinavia, from Germanic Skaþinawjō, that translates as "The Islands of Skaþōn". Skaþōn was later known as Skaðō, and eventually - in the Viking Age - as Skaði, and she was a goddess of the mountain rivers, and the daughter of the rain that washed the ice back into the salutary sea, Njörðr, whom she is said to be married to.

When the ice covering Atlantis melted some of the survivors of Jarl's kin followed the edge of the glaciers northwards, back to the secret valley, where they had been created. Some lived as nomadic hunters on the ice itself or on the mountain peaks emerging from the sea of ice, and we have archeological evidence of their presence in the mountains of Western Norway around 13.000 years ago. Around 8.000 years ago they settled in the first ice-free lowland areas in Southern Norway, that we still call Jæren ("the edge"). Other tribes settled in other parts of Europe, as far away as in Greece and Great Britain, in the Iberian peninsula and Italy, and in Egypt, the Indus Valley, Urumqi/Ürümchi (in China), Sumér and possible even in America (something that would explain the existence of the Kennewick man).

When Pytheas from Massilia (Marseille) around 3-400 years before our time of reckoning visited Norway he called it Thule. The Thule name derives from Germanic þuliz (Proto-Norse þuliR, Norse þulr), that is an ancient name used on an initiates or "priest-chieftains" of Óðinn. Óðinn himself was known in the Viking Age as Fimbulþul (The Great þulr), a name he used when he visited Earth as an avatar and walked amongst the mortals. The word þuliz/þuliR/þulr translates as "orator", "speaker", "he who is lifted up (to the gods)" and "the burden (of the sacrificial tree)". The Greek version of the name, Thule (Thul-ē), would then translate as "the land of the þuliz". Thule is in other words "the land of the initiates".

The part of Norway visited by Pytheas has been identified as Hålogaland in Northern Norway. It is therefore very interesting to see that Hålogaland translates as "the land of the initiates" and "the holy land", from a genitive form of the early Norse word hálugr, that translates as "holy" and "initiated" or "to initiate". Although hálugr translates as "holy", the original meaning of the word is "the high flame". This is a name of the Sun - the eye of Óðinn - that eventually became synonymous to the words "holy", "initiated" and "enlightened".

South of Hålogaland there is a mountain range known as Jotunheimen ("the home of the giants"), and this is the mountains from where the giants came when they attacked Jarl's kin on Atlantis, when they discovered that a new race of men had been secretly created and trained by the gods. The Scandinavian peninsula - known in Antiquity as an island - is Atlantis, and Hålogaland in Northern Norway is the secret valley where the gods created Jarl's kin. Like Platon says, it is located beyond the pillars of Hercules (that are located in Denmark).

The Greeks, as well as the Sumerians, claimed they originally came from a land they called Hyperborea ("the utmost north", "the land beyond the northern wind"), but this land was also - by the Romans - called Ultima Thule ("the utmost Thule"). So Hyperborea, Ultima Thule and Atlantis are all names of Scandinavia, and all the European tribes that day are living outside Scandinavia once emigrated from this land, some time in Antiquity or later.

Jarl's kin didn't really multiply in Northern Scandinavia, though, but in Southern Scandinavia, namely Denmark ("the land of Dan"), that is known as the granary of Scandinavia (and I may add that in Antiquity Denmark also included parts of Southern Sweden and Northern Germany). Because of that the utmost Thule, Northern Norway, remained a land of myth, unknown and mystical even to most people in Southern Thule/Scandinavia, and therefore the original homeland was located not in Thule, but in the utmost Thule.

The different tribes left in waves, probably every time Denmark became overpopulated or when certain events forced them to, and some tribes left as late as in the Dark Ages (that precede the Viking Age), when the Angles, Saxons and Jutes invaded England ("the land of the Angles"). The Angles came from the Danish isles, the greatest being Fyn, with the city Odense ("the island of Óðinn") and Sjælland ("the land of the sea"), the Saxons came from Northern Germany and the Jutes from Jylland - the Danish peninsula that is also known as Jutland ("the land of the Jutes").

Even today we see that the racially purest European tribes live in Scandinavia and around the Baltic Sea, and the closer you get to Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea the purer the populations are. This is only logical, though, as the further away from Scandinavia you go, the more the different tribes have mixed with the non-European races; with Trell's and Karl's kin.

The least polluted individuals of Jarl's kin are the beautiful, blond and blue-eyed - and of course fair-skinned - Europeans with blood type O or A (blood type AB and B and non-European), who are also dolichocephalic or mesocephalic (id est with a skull index more or less close to 0.78). Our ideal is racial purity, but even the purest of the purest have giant blood. Mankind - including Jarl's kin - is created using the blood of both the gods and the giants.

The pessimists - like some Judeo-Christians (for instance some of the Gnostics) - see the creation as a punishment, and regard the blood of the giants as the "sin" ("the original sin") that will always follow us and make us mean. According to their mythology we are Lucifer and his fallen angels, cast down from Heaven and forced to live on Earth, because of some "sin" we committed. They believe our physical bodies are the prisons that keep us from returning to Heaven and the world we live in is Hell.

The optimists - like the Pagans - see the creation as an opportunity. We are not exposed to this "Hell", and Earthly life, because we are being punished, but because we are supposed to learn something and improve. The gods united with the giants because they needed to be connected to something physical in order to influence the world physically. Jarl's kin is the tool of the gods, that they can communicate with and influence, and use to achieve their goals. Our minds and spirits are simply elves ("eternal"), that we can describe as "small bits and pieces" of the deity we know as Tīwaz/TīwaR/Týr ("honour", "god[s]"), Svarog ("heaven", "to create"), Jupiter ("father of the gods"), Divas/Deus ("god[s]"), and so forth. Every time we die the still pure ("white") parts of these "bits and pieces" are returned with the deity, before they are sent back to Earth, when we are reborn in the kin. The goal of each individual is to make sure the mind and spirit is not only "white" when we die, but also that it is strengthened and magnified, so that the deity we are apart of is strengthened by our existence. When the deity is strong enough, we will return to the deity and stay there - something the Judeo-Christians call "Heaven" or "Paradise", but it is also known as "Nirvana".

The only way to achieve this is to be "white" and live like we are supposed to, according to the Pagan philosophy of life. The Judeo-Christian solution has been to reject life, and stay "white" that way, but the real solution is to cultivate the "white" life. The racial purity is necessary because the more giant blood there is in each of us, the harder it is to live like we are supposed to. The lighter and fairer the individual is the closer he or she is to the gods. Every physical need and desire in us stems from the giants. The writer H.P. Lovecraft accurately called this "The Call Of Cthulu" - that basically is the call of the blood of the giants; the call of Ymir, Jörmungandr, Tiamat, Leviathan, Satan or whatever we call the force of the giants. However, this "call of Cthulu" is not bad. It is only bad if it takes control of our lives. There is a struggle within us, between the blood of the giants and the spirits of the gods, but if it had not been for the blood of the giants we would never reproduce or even eat, and we would simply return to the deity, without ever doing anything to improve or grow stronger. We would have stayed "white" alright, but there would have been no improvement of any kind - and life would have served no purpose whatsoever (like is the case when the Judeo-Christians and others successfully reject life completely).

To produce more and hopefully better human beings we need to fall in love and make love, just like we need to give in to hunger to survive. That is the reason the gods mixed with the giants, as they needed their base nature to create the mankind they needed. The actual improvement and strengthening of the mind and spirit take place when we participate in the ancient (Pagan) mysteries, and expose us the mysterium tremendum, facinans et augustum ("the solemn/ceremonious, that call forth shivers and tears"). In response to the Judeo-Christian rejection of life, and to underline how ludicrous they are, I can add that some of the mysteries even had a sexual content, known from classical sources as the eskatogami ("heavenly marriage"), and they called the ritual sex between the priest and the priestesses theos dia kolpou ("the god through the abdomen"). In Northern Europe these mysteries were practiced well into the XVIIth and perhaps even the XVIIIth or XIXth century.

Another important mystery has become very well-known, although it has been misunderstood for 2000 years. As I have already stated, Germanic þuliz translates as "orator", "speaker", "he who is lifted up (to the gods)" and "the burden (of the sacrificial tree)". I will therefore remind You about Jesus and his crucifixion, and the fact that he too was said to "be lifted up" to God and Heaven. Þuliz was the name of the initiates, and to be initiated you had to first die, ut post mortem vivat beate ("to live in salvation after death"). Like Jesus according to the bible did, the initiates returned to life after they had hanged themselves and pierced their bodies with a spear. This mystery is described in Northern Europe as the hanging of Óðinn in the world-tree. This is the reason they burned the "witches", because if they didn't destroy the bodies with fire they could return to life again - like they had done in the past. Like Jesus according to the Judeo-Christian myths did.

Many believe that the Scandinavian mythology claims that mankind was created when the gods went to a beach and picked up two pieces of wood that resembled themselves. They had neither spirit nor mind, neither fluid nor movement or good colours. Óðinn ("spirit", "mind", "fury") gave them spirit and life, Lóðurr ("animate", "put in motion") gave them wits and movement and Hœnir ("allure", "entice") gave them fluid and good colours, vision, speech, hearing and good looks. They were called Askr ("ash") and Embla ("elm").

What this actually describes is the resurrection of the initiates, who hang lifeless in the gallows - made of ash or elm - or by the holy sources, after being executed in the initiation mystery. They were dead, because they had to be (or look) dead to gain access to the realm of the dead (the realm of Óðinn and Hel), but were then resurrected by the gods, just like Jesus according to the Judeo-Christian myths was. When resurrected they had become initiates; þuliz.

Before the Judeo-Christians become too excited, I will point at the fact that Thule, the land of initiates, was called Thule several hundred years before Jesus was even born, and it is also located in a part of the world very far from Judea/Samara, and this religion had already practiced since the beginning of time (since before the fall of Atlantis) in Thule. The oldest known manmade entrance to the realm of the dead, used in mysteries, is actually Newgrange in Ireland, that was originally called (by a Celtic name, Sid in Bruca, that translates as) "the entrance to the underworld" or "entrance to the realm of the dead". Newgrange was built around 7.000 years ago, 5.000 years before Jesus was born. Along with the holy sources, hollow trees and caves, they used grave mounds in these mysteries, as entrances to the realm of the dead. That is why they built the grave mounds like they did in Antiquity, all over Europe (and in Northern Europe until the Viking Age).

The Scandinavian initiates were also called the vala, singular from váli/völi - that translates as "the chosen". Valhalla translates as "the hall of the chosen", the Valkyries is a name that translates as "the selectors of the chosen" and Óðinn chose only Jarl's kin to be the kin welcome in Valhalla. What is particularly interesting is that Jesus is almost always portrayed as a man with European features: he has blue eyes and straight nose, fair skin and some times even blonde hair! He certainly doesn't look like a Jew! Why would they portray him like that if he was a Jew? What we know is that if Jesus was an initiate, who went through the religious execution to be elevated to the gods, he could not have been a Jew, because only individuals of Jarl's kin can be elevated to the gods. The others are only harmed by these initiation mysteries, because they cannot handle the impressions, and end up like Cinderella's stepsisters in the Grimm brothers' fairy tales (id est mutilated and blinded).

Further, if Jesus was an initiate this too makes Christianity completely irrelevant, because all he did was to show us what we should do in order to be elevated to the deity, and it certainly serves no purpose to worship him, like the Christians do. In fact, they even murdered people who did just like Jesus probably did, and went through the Pagan mysteries. They burnt them on great fires in the Middle Ages, and even accused them of "devil worship"!

The cult of Jesus probably came to be because the person we know as Jesus arrived in Judea/Samara when he was in his early thirties, probably from a European area (as he, if he was initiated, must have been an ethnic European), and while his death and resurrection would have been seen as a common event in Europe, and especially in Thule/Scandinavia, his resurrection was something special in an area populated by mostly non-European people. It was so special to them that it became the origin of a new religion! Another and more cynical theory is that the Romans, who tailor-made Christianity first and foremost as a tool to oppress Europeans, needed to present Jesus as an initiate for the Europeans to take him serious (meaning the story about his resurrection is made up). Another interesting fact is that the highest initiation level in the Pagan cult is that of the druid, that in Norse is called the drótt. Now, we know that Jesus was mocked as I.N.R.I. that is (as far as I remember) short for something like Iesu Nazareni Rex Iedorum ("Jesus the Nazarene, the king of the Jews/Judes [Jutes?]"), so it is a but curious to see that drótt actually translates as "king" in Norse. The word is still in use in its feminine form, in all the modern Scandinavian languages: dronning and drotning translate as "queen". So perhaps Jesus was a king of the Jutes after all?

We don't really know what is the truth in this context, and the fact is that it doesn't matter as Jesus is basically completely irrelevant, and if he indeed was an initiate he was still no different from the thousands - and even tens of thousands - of initiates who lived before and after him in Europe. The last known initiates were burned as "witches" in the XVIIIth and XIXth century (ironically by the Christians!)!

The reason why parts of the old testament are so similar to the European mythologies (and they are!), is the fact that the Jews copied their mythology from the Egyptian mythology as well as the (Semitic) Mesopotamian mythology, that in turn was based on the Sumerian mythology. As I have already told, both these cultures (id est the Egyptian and the Sumerian) were probably originally European cultures. The Jews were as we know used as thralls in both these civilizations, and while in captivity they copied their masters' mythologies, twisted them, perverted them and made them their own. That is how these thralls suddenly became "God's chosen people", while the truth is that they are of Trell's kin (although they are more likely of Karl's kin). The term "God's chosen people" becomes even more pointless when we know that about 90% of modern Jews are not even descendants of the tribes of Judea, but simply descendants of the Khazars, a Turkish people from Central Asia, who in the VIIIth century converted to Judaism, for political reasons (when they lived in the Caucasus region). So most of the Jews aren't even real Jews, but just some converted Turks. If there ever was a European tribe known as the Jews it has been long lost, just like the European tribes in the Indus Valley and Central Asia (best known as the Aryans), the tribes that lived in Urumqi/Ürümchi and the tribes that must have been assimilated by the American natives some time in Antiquity.

All the answers can be found in our Paganism and our European culture, and I will end this article by referring to something that, as far as I remember, is written next to the entrance to Mother Earth's sanctuary in Faistos on Crete: the goddess offers "a great miracle" to "those who can guarantee their origin", but she refuses to listen to the prayers of those who "illegally force their way into the family of gods". According to our Scandinavian mythology the people not of Jarl's kin will, if they ever try to cross the rainbow bridge, ignite and fall down like rocks, because Valhalla is for Europeans only, the true "chosen people". Our Holy Land is Thule (a.k.a. Scandinavia, Hyperborea and Atlantis), and perhaps in particular the utmost Thule; Hålogaland in Northern (Arctic) Norway!

Varg "Heresiarch" Vikernes
(Written in April 2005)

"I am everything that was (the past) and everything that shall be (the future),
and no mortal has ever removed my veil."

(According to Plutark this was written on one of Isis' statues. Isis is the Egyptian name of Freyja. The point is that you need to die to visit her and unveil her secrets, so only those who were ritually killed and resurrected in the mysteries could unveil them. When initiated the Isis [Freyja] priestesses could look into the past as well as into the future - by traveling into the vyrð [English wyrd, a name for "the spirit world" that originally translates as "esteem" and "honour"], where the past [Urðr], the present [Verðandi] and the future [Skuld] all exist at the same time. Or rather they exist beyond time.)

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