Paganism: Part XX - Pagan Honour

There are many Europeans (in Europe and elsewhere) who identify themselves as Pagans today, and their number increases by the minute. Most of these Pagans view the Abrahamic religions with contempt and many of us are very reluctant to even use the term "religion" in relation to our Paganism, because it has been so thoroughly soiled by the followers of the Abrahamic religions; it has because of them become synonymous to terms such as "ignorant", "backward", "unscientific", "unintelligent", "dogmatic", "dangerous" and "hypocritical". Similarly we often feel an instinctive rejection of everything these religious sub-humans say, think, do or in other ways express. Whatever they say must be wrong. Whatever they do is bad.

Now, most often we are absolutely correct when we think so, but we must be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water, so to speak, because the to us most relevant of the Abrahamic religions, Christianity, in all its shades and forms, is not only based on the repulsive Satanic religion of the Jews; it is also based on our own European Paganism. The vast majority of their moral values are European (i.e. Pagan)! Almost all their religious festivals are corruptions of our European high festivals! If we strip Christianity of its Jewish content, by cutting of that revolting, reeking, slimy Jewish tentacle entering into Europe from Judea, strangling and controlling the European Christians, we are to a large degree left with a European body. It has been stripped of all flesh, so to speak, but it is still inherently European. Even the idea of a god being sacrificed only later to return from the realm of the dead is purely and utterly European!

The objection any Pagan should have in relation to Christianity is not their morals, but mainly their rejection of honour and their cultivation of themselves as humble sub-human slave-men, ordered by the Asian anti-god of the Jews to serve the criminal Jews as his "chosen people", with special rights at the expense of everyone else.

When e. g. The Church of Satan (founded by the Jew Anton LaVey [=Levi]) do their best to break down "Christian" morals they mainly try to break down the Pagan elements of Christianity. The same applies to all the other (more or less) nihilistic movements propagated by the Jews and their brainwashed lackeys today as an alternative to the "backward" and "dogmatic" religions. They even try to make us believe that we are Pagan if we are the opposite of what Christians are supposed to be. Being void of any morals or other restraints is presented to us as being "Pagan". Well, I am sorry if this will disappoint you, but this is not at all the case; there are no human beings alive more moral, just and decent than true Europeans (= Pagans)! The element that ensures this is the Pagan code of honour. Honour is the foundation of the Pagan belief system. Only the honourable are reborn; only the honourable are allowed to rule, only the honourable are allowed to vote, only the honourable deserve any respect whatsoever. If you have no honour you might as well go hang yourself.

It is not honourable to lie, to commit adultery, to cheat, to steal, to intoxicate yourself (and especially not into a stupor), to have sex before or at all outside of marriage, to use violence against or in any other way harm a woman or a child, to flee in face of danger, to tolerate any form of mistreatment by or against anyone, it is not honourable to be disrespectful towards your parents, it is not honourable to profit from the misfortune of others, it is not honourable to give false testimony, and so forth. No threats or physical boundaries are needed if you have a society with a strong sense of honour.

Now, having a sense of honour in a thoroughly rotten world dominated by Jewish nihilism is not at all an advantage, and it will certainly not lead us to victory. We cannot fight a dishonest foe by honest means. David defeated Goliath not because he was better than Goliath, but because he cheated and brought a missile weapon to a duel. It brought him victory, at the expense of the much better, stronger and far more honourable Goliath, and to David, who of course was a Jew, that was naturally all that mattered to him. Jews have no honour, and they always use dishonourable means whenever they can. They even boast about and celebrates this, like with their myth about David and Goliath. The moral in that myth is (for the Jews); "We Jews are weaker, less skilled and have no honour whatsoever, but we will win anyhow because we cheat, lie, stab our foes in the back and use every dishonourable means we can think of". The only way for the good guy to win against the rotten Jew is to make sure that he too brings a missile weapon to the duel, and shoot that piece of shit down before he can even load his sling (metaphorically speaking, of course...).

When this is done, and the European house is clean again, we have to remember our code of honour. We have to build a new homogeneous Europe based on our Pagan code of honour. Not on anti-Christianity, on anti-Judaism, anti-Feminism, anti-Capitalism, anti-Liberalism or anti- anything else, but on our Pagan code of honour, void of any alien influence. We are not the opposite of anything or anyone else. We are Pagans. Europeans in blood and spirit! We simply start over again, like we probably have done before as well (.remember Atlantis, Ultima Thule, Hyperborea, and for all we know perhaps even Mars).

When our Goliaths in the future are to be reborn into our race, after having used also dishonourable means to (still metaphorically speaking) slay the dishonourable Davids to lead us to victory, their mistakes will be forgotten, and only their honourable characteristics will return to life when honourable European children choose to be reborn as them some time in the future. Remember them not for their possibly bloodied hands, their deceit, their lies or their possible crimes against our enemies. Remember them for their positive and absolutely necessary contributions to the survival of our noble and honourable European race and culture. Remember them for the sacrifices they made for us all.

Varg Vikernes
Bergen, 21.12.2012

"Everyone wants to put the sword in the dragon's heart, but nobody wants to hold the hilt."

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