Varg Vikernes
"Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism" 2015

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A Thulêan Perspective

Imagine a life where people trust each other completely similar and think the same way. Imagine a life where you donít worry about death, because you trust those around you to raise your children the right way when you are no longer there. Imagine a life where you trust your peers so much and feel so connected to them that you look for excuses to make sacrifices for them, and they do the same for you. Imagine a life where you know that if you earn it you are to be reborn in the future, by your own children or their children, and imagine how much this would benefit your children and their children too. Imagine a life where walking uphill is seen as an opportunity for you to prove how strong you are, or to become stronger if you are not. Imagine a life where the gods and goddesses are not your masters, but your ideals and upholders of the good in man. Imagine a life where the beauty of nature is appreciated, celebrated and maintained as it is, rather than sought destroyed for short term profit. Imagine a life where you never start your life anew, but continue with all the honour and none of the dishonour you had in previous lives. Imagine a life where your achievements and loyalty is what earns you respect instead of the amount of time you spend begging for forgiveness for "sins" you never committed or even knew. Imagine a life where nothing is urgent and where you have enough time to manufacture everything the best way possible, with the highest quality and beauty you can produce. Imagine a harmonious life in a homogeneous society...

You have just imagined a life in a European Europe. Let us work together to rebuild what once was, and make room for it in our different world today.

Varg Vikernes


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