Varg Vikernes
"Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism" 2015

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Divine Child Unveiled

The divine child is a well-known concept from pre-Christian Antiquity. In order to dupe Europeans into accepting Christianity the Early Christians adopted this concept too, because it is so essential to the European understanding of life.

In order for the child to become divine the divine father must first die; the child then travels into the realm of death and spends some time with the divine mother in the grave. He is thus initiated and is then reborn; he has become divine! He has become the divine father himself.

This is the quintessence of European religion; the cultivation of honour and the honourable man. You are not a real man, you have not been elevated to the divine until you have been chosen by the honourable dead to be reborn as one of them.

Thus the European children of the past had no "real" names. They were often just called "Raven", "Bear", "Fox", "Lynx" or named after some other animal. They had to enter the realm of the dead (i.e. the burial mound or the burial cave) and solve the riddles posed to them by the valkyrja ("chooser of the fallen"). They would then be reborn with the name of the honourable dead chosen by them. The honour was not the only thing used to attract children to the dead; they were also buried with all their richness. The children would take these items from the grave and bring them back out, to be their own possessions (but they gave them first to [a man impersonating] Heimdallr/Cronos/Saturn for safekeeping until Yule eve). It was not seen as a grave robbery: they were going to be reborn as the person in the grave, so they would only reclaim what was their own possession.

Yes, there were very few "grave robberies" in Antiquity; most of the time they only used these burial mounds as intended. So there is nothing left there; those who were buried there were reborn...

The reborn child was a divine child, now being a part of a hamingja, and they returned from the grave on the 25th day of what to us would be December, and those who had succeeded with their initiation received their gifts (i.e. the valuables from the grave). Those who failed received only ashes from the grave. Heimdallr would then return the items to the opening of the grave, from whence they had been collected, something archaeological finds is evidence of. They have found several graves with the valuables inside located just inside the entrance.

The god who gave them these gifts, Heimdallr, is known to live on the North Pole, the reindeer is his sacred animal, the pine his sacred tree, and his hearing is so good he can hear the wool grow on sheep, and his eyesight so good he can see the grass grow. He is the deity of the concept: "You harvest what you sow". Today we know him best as "Santa Claus", but he used to be called simply "The White God".

With time, sometime in the Vth century I think, and only after many years of internal conflict, with several popes objecting Strongly against it, the Christians started to use this part of the European religion as well, and claimed their fictional "saviour" was born on the 25th day of December. Heimdallr was replaced by a Greek saint, living in what is today Turkey. Saint Nicolas.

The divine child has honour, he has hamingja, so he has eternal life. Whenever he dies he will be reborn. When he is reborn he ceases to be a human being, and instead becomes a deity. His world is divine, because he is. So he resides in "Heaven". This is the origin of the "salvation" and "eternal life in Heaven" offered by the fraudulent Jesus of the bible.

Christianity is a pitiful, meaningless and utterly worthless religion. The only reason why it has some appeal to many in Europe is that it seems to hold so many truths; it does because it has stolen and incorporated so much of the European religion into itself. But it does not hold any truths; the good symbolism, the good concepts are all there, but it is all empty and without any meaning. They ate it all, but failed completely to digest what they ate. Christianity, dear ladies and gentlemen, is nothing but a scam.

To those poor individuals who have been duped by the Judeo-Christian gibberish they call Christianity, I can tell that everything you look for, everything you hold dear, everything you long for and embrace is present in the European religion. It it a religion made by our forebears, for themselves, but also for us.

Many of us are them - we have been reborn with a hamingja - but the rest of our forebears are still waiting to be reborn. You see, most men today have no deeper understanding of anything at all. They were never initiated, by chance or on purpose, so they have no direction, nu purpose and no meaning of life. They are just wandering aimlessly around, not even knowing what they are looking for; they easily fall prey to the lies of our enemies.

Look to your roots and you will find it all. The truth is in your blood. That is of course if it still is European...

Varg Vikernes


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