Varg Vikernes
"Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism" 2015

Varg Vikernes - Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism

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Guardian Elves

Many think the concept of angels and guardian angels is a Christian concept, but it is far from that. Even the term angel itself stems from Ancient Greece and means simply «messenger». The angels were the messengers of the gods, like the Scandinavian light elves too often are depicted as. I will be so bold as to claim that angel is the Greek name for a light elf guardian.

A light elf guardian was in Ancient Scandinavia called a fylgja («follower», «guardian spirit»). This was a spirit following you wherever you went, removing obstacles in your way, helping you find your way and avoid getting lost, protecting you from injury and death, from eating poisonous food and drinking bad water, from dangerous predators and so forth. It was your guardian angel. Some claimed that the fylgja even walked before you, in front of you, to spot any traps and harm before it could affect you. They were then, when seen by others walking before you, called vardøger («watchmen», «guardians»).

The image of a beautiful (always female) elf following you and watching over you is rather romantic, but the idea stems from the belief in hamingja; your fylgja is basically just your anthropomorphized hamingja. This would also explain why hamingja is often translated as meaning fylgja. Only your Honour can really protect you from the ills of this world. Not only directly, but also in the sense that the Honour will ensure your spiritual survival and immortality no matter what happens to your physical body (shape). Nothing can harm the honourable! No deaths no pain. Only dishonourable behaviour can, because it takes away the Honour of the person. Honour is all that matters in the long run.

When our enemies attack us with lies and false rumours they attack our Honour, because they have understood that this is the way to destroy Europe; they falsify everything that is ours and they spread only lies about our forebears. The competent, well groomed, clean, strong, brave, intelligent, knowledgeable and Honourable Ancient European is presented as an incompetent, half-naked, filthy, weak, coward, stupid, ignorant and dishonourable savage. Everything European is spat upon and ridiculed, stolen or shown in a wrong light; shown in Judeo-Christian darkness.

There is one good thing about this though; you only need a single light to banish the darkness, and not even all the darkness in the world can extinguish one single light. Ladies and gentlemen; bring back your light elves, your followers lighting up the world for you, and never be afraid to walk straight through the Judeo-Christian darkness ever again, and banish their darkness as you do, safely and proudly! Hail the Light Elves! Hail and Glory!

Varg Vikernes

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