Varg Vikernes
"Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism" 2015

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Into the Sea... and Back again?

The Sun is everything for us. We cannot exist without her. She rises in the East every day and travels across the firmament to the West, where she sets in the sea.

Along the Western coast of Scandinavia they used to build settlements in locations where they could see the Sun rise over a mountain top in the East. These mountains were seen as sacred and bore names such as Solberg, Solbjørg or other similar names meaning "Sun Mountain". These settlements were also built near lakes or rivers, with names connected to Moon deities, such as *Skanþan (No. Skaði). *Skanþan was a Moon god of the mountains and mountain rivers, so he was naturally married to the sea goddess, *NerþuR. The water in the rivers runs into the sea, after all. They are one.

*Sôwili and *Manan, the Sun and the Moon, always appeared together, as a natural pair. Together they made up the palms of the Sky God, *TîwaR. Together they also made up the eyes of *WôðanaR, and thus made him the aspect of the Sky God connected to both the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. He has one eye on the Sky and one eye in the realm of death at all time. He thus knows the runes (i.e. secrets), of the dead and the living.

Our minds see into our living world, but also into the realm of death. We remember death every day, and suffer our "little death" every night too, when we go to sleep, and wonder why it has to end one day for good. Some look forward to it. Others try not to think about it. Some fear it. Others don't.

Death doesn't trouble me. I have already done enough and seen enough to die satisfied. I fear more the return to life than I do death: when I join the Sun into the sea of forgetfulness, into the realm of death, and forget all that has been, what will I see when I return one day? Will I regret having come back? Will I harvest all the suffering and misery we sow today?

So I try to sow the good and just in Europe today, the pure and enlightened, the kind and warm, the healthy and beautiful; the European.

I might never return, but that doesn't matter; thinking I might do will for sure help those who come after me, because it will make me work for a future for them, and I will eventually fade away knowing I did something good. What else can we expect as a reward from life? What else would anybody want? What better reward could anybody ask for?

Varg Vikernes


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