Varg Vikernes
"Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism" 2015

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The Christian Triumph

Sometimes I hear from Christians that: "Well, Christianity must have been better and stronger than European polytheism, because Christianity prevailed".

Christianity didn't really prevail in Europe. Christianity almost destroyed Europe; suffocated her in darkness, backwardness, stupidity, ignorance and destruction. As we know, the first thousand years of Christianity in Europe is called "The Dark Ages"! Christianity pulled a very advanced Europe down so far, that by the time of the Crusades the Muslims were ahead of us. They were still far behind the "Pagan" Europe (as it had been a thousand years earlier), but at the time of the Crusades they were miles ahead of Europe in almost all contexts.

To those who think that only Greece and The Roman Empire was anything worth: yes, the rest of Europe was advanced too. E.g. Scandinavians were navigating the high seas when the rest of the world was still forced to travel along the coast. Our beautiful buildings were made of wood, so they did not survive the Christian onslaught. Our culture was oral, so we have almost no records of what we did, thought or wanted, and when we find evidence of something great, advanced and interesting from our pre-Christian past, the people in power today are quick to destroy it all. They will see no such thing. So we don't either.

The Renaissance did not come by chance, but because it was needed. Europe absolutely had to breathe again, think, create and advance again - and the Christians failed to stop this. What followed then was several hundred years of "witch hunts", resulting in (some claim as much as) millions of deaths. We can assume that it was no coincidence that this came with the Renaissance: This is how they tried to stop it! This is how they tried to stop the European ideals from forcing their way back up into the light; by murdering those they thought were behind it or in some way contributed to it.

That is a point: The European ideals forced their way back up into the light. You see, they were never gone. They just went underground, and when the priest knocked on the door to see if you were "Christian enough", with his henchmen at his side ready to torture and kill, the people living there often just pretended to be Christians. They went to church. Hung the cross over their beds. Married in church. And did everything the priests expected them to do. Then, in private, in secret, they kept the European traditions alive.

Yes, you see, Christianity never really prevailed. Even though Europe was and is more or less officially Christian, many and sometimes most of us Europeans are not, and never were. We know that today most of us are not, but we are told that we used to be. Even that is not true though: Just like today, the majority of Europeans in the past were not Christians. The only difference is that today we no longer have to pretend we are, in order not to be tortured, killed and burned at the stake.

Christian logic: "If she drowns, she was innocent. If she floats, she is guilty and must be killed!". So they get to murder the true European man no matter what.

The Christians stopped murdering European polytheists not because they all of a sudden became moral and honourable, but because they no longer have the power to do so. If they could they would. But they can't because Christianity is weak. Because Christianity has lost!

Here in Western Europe pretty much only old people are Christian. There are some young too, but they are rare, and most of them have gotten rid of that Asian psychosis before they are done with puberty. In reality, we can expect Christianity to completely go away from Western Europe within a few generations. It will die with the (fewer and fewer) fools who still cling to it.

So I wish to ask you: "Well, if Christianity was better and stronger than European polytheism, why is it European polytheism was never successfully removed, even after thousands of years of persecutions? Why is it more and more Europeans embrace their own heritage? Why is it Christianity is failing so miserably?"

Christianity conquered Europe, but never the peoples of Europe. Most of us were, and still are, European in heart and mind, even after two thousand years of Christian terror. Two-thousand-years, and you still have not managed to convert even one third of us!

Varg Vikernes


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