Varg Vikernes
"Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism" 2015

Varg Vikernes - Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism

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The Vibrations of the Universe

Music, or indeed sounds in general, can also help elevate man lo the divine. Or it can be used to lower man's spirit into the depths of the Earth, into the spiritual abyss, to strengthen the ettin power in us (i.e. awaken base instincts) and to suppress the gods in us.

Just like the divine light forms and shapes our minds so does sounds. The European man who has only ever heard the birds sing, the winds howling, water running in the creeks, the waves washing the bare rock-face or the beaches, animals moving about in the forest, his loving family's voices, water boiling, thunder in the clouds, rain falling and wood burning under the cauldron is never a cruel and sinister man. He is a thoroughly good man, because his European nature is perfectly intact; no poison is to be found in his words, no ill will in his thoughts, nothing impure in his spirit.

The world is different today, and all sorts of sounds penetrates into our minds every day, disturbing the harmony therein, causing us to feel uncomfortable. A maelstrom is being stirred up in there, made up of sounds clashing and words recoiling and bouncing off the inside of our heads. Or so it can feel anyhow. We feel tired, we get headaches, we grow melancholic or even depressed, we more become aggressive and it becomes harder to stay in a good mood. The sorcery of sounds has its effect. And we let it work without any guidance or control, not even knowing such a sorcery exists.

Sound is as powerful as light is; it influences us no less than light does and still we allow ourselves to be exposed to disharmonic, loud, extreme and uncomfortable sounds all the time. Would you stand and stare at the Sun or even a shining light bulb? No? Then why would you live or work in a noisy city, and let the no less powerful sounds have a similar effect on you?

The most harmonious sounds we know are of course what we call music, and this can be used to stimulate the good in you, to make the deities grow stronger in you, to strengthen your mind and make you more courageous - like Scottish highlander bag pipe music during an assault, or drums in war in general - to inspire and to lift your mind. Music is sorcery! Every song is a spell!

The deity of music in Scandinavia is called Bragi, but this is just another name for Baldr, so the deity of music in Scandinavia is Baldr. His Greek name is Apollon. He is the most pure and innocent of all the gods. Let the light of Baldr shine upon you; let his celestial music banish all darkness in you. Ave Apollon! HailaR BalðuR!

Varg Vikernes

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