Varg Vikernes
"The Creatures of Thulê Deluxe: for MYFAROG" 2023

The Creatures of Thulê Deluxe: for MYFAROG

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Hardcover: 178 pages
Publisher: Independently published (May 31, 2023)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 979-8394825378
Item Weight: 1.14 punds
Dimensions: 8.25 x 0.61 x 11 inches
Official website: www.myfarog.org

This is the equivalent of a monster manual for MYFAROG! All the Creatures of Thulê, from I, II and III, now in one deluxe hardback book, and with images for most (almost all) creatures. 4-5 images from I and II have been re-used, but the other 100+ images are brand new and in colour. The deities are now also illustrated.

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