The Lords Of Lies: Part I - Lords Of Lies

The morally bankrupt propagandists (a.k.a. "journalists" and "reporters") of the mass media has, it seems, made it their mission to spread their malevolent lies about me as much as they can. It is easy to discount their nonsense as the babble of deranged savages, but their hateful wailing-choir just keeps growing. Even after more than 13 years after my arrest hardly a month passes by without a headline with my name in it showing up in some crappy tabloid in Norway. The anti-Varg campaign in this sorry country is massive.

The latest addition to the petty wailing choir is a Hollywood producer and his director, who plan to make a film about the Norwegian Black Metal scene as it was in 1991-1993. Or so they say anyhow. As a basis for their film they have the ridiculously amateurish "Lords Of Chaos" book, and the film's script was apparently written by some Jews in New York and a metal-head who claims to be a Norwegian-American, because his grandfather was from Norway. (I wonder where his other three grandparents come from.) None of them has ever spoken to any of the parties involved, in the scene in 1991-1993, before writing the script, according to the producer, because they want to be "objective". (He said so in an interview to a local newspaper in Tromsø, printed today). From another newspaper I learn about the plot, and they reveal some of the locations in Bergen the filmmakers want to use when they shoot the film. In their attempt to be "objective" they of course have ended up with no idea about what really happened, why it happened, where we used to hang out or anything, and to me this film just looks like a big, bad joke.

The newspaper headlines spell "Film about the Count", "Varg Vikernes goes to Hollywood" and so forth, but it's just a hoax; they misuse my (nick-)name to promote a film that obviously has nothing to do with me. They don't even base it on reality, but on the laveyish1 lies of Michael Jenkins Moynihan and his idiot companion, Didrik Søderlind, the two satanic clowns responsible for "Lords Of Chaos".

So, I will encourage everybody to sabotage this film and the production of this film by all legal means, and to simply boycott it.

Thank You for Your attention.

  1. From the name of Anton LaVey. The founder of the sorry "Church of Satan".

Varg Vikernes
02.09.2006 (Tromsø, Norway)

Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur
(In the time of need you will learn who your friends are)

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