The Lords Of Lies: Part III - Procul Este Profani

Too often I get letters from individuals who refer to things I am supposed to have said on this or that web-site. Apparently I have been talking about "wolfism" on something called "MySpace", although I have no idea what "wolfism" or "MySpace" is. On another website or chat-board I was reprehended for asking stupid questions to some Norwegian reality-celebrity, in spite of the fact that I have never even thought about communicating with this celebrity before, ever!

I guess it's normal for guys out there to use other persons' names and to pretend they are somebody else online, but I find it hard to understand how anybody who at least vaguely knows who I am can believe they are communicating with me when they communicate with a "Varg Vikernes" online. I don't even have a PC, and even when I had one I never had access to the Internet. Of course not; I'm in prison!

I have a problem with lies and false rumours about me, and in an attempt to stop at least some of these I will simply tell You all to only trust what You read on www.burzum.org. I never write anything for any other websites out there. If it's not on www.burzum.org then it's not true. As simple as that.

Www.burzum.com used to be the official Burzum website, but that's many years ago. I told Rainer (the original host) to close the website down, I think in 2000 (but I'm not sure), but instead he turned it into an archive. Some years later he sold the address to somebody else, without ever asking me for permission to do so, and my problem with an "open forum" for lies, false rumours and other crap was back. I don't know who is behind www.burzum.com and I guess whey mean well, but I wish everybody boycotted the site 100%. If there are any other websites out there dedicated to Burzum (or me) I wish You were all boycotting them as well. They are all a problem to me. The only website I support (in this context) is www.burzum.org!

If those who run www.burzum.com (or other websites in the same vein) want to in any way support me they should close down their website, and I encourage You to do so! Whether You mean well or not; just stop it! Remove everything from the Internet, and allow those who have an interest in the truth to find it without first having to plow through all Your bullshit. Support www.burzum.org only! That's all I have to say about this.

Varg Vikernes
28.10.2006 (Tromsø, Norway)

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