The Lords Of Lies: Part X - Thieves and Frauds

Dear Burzum fans.

As you might already know I have no Facebook, MySpace or Twitter profile or anything like that and have never had either. I am not a member of any forums or anything else, and I never participate in online discussions or talk via Skype or anything like that. Others do, and that's their business, but I don't.

The problem with this is of course that I most often have no idea what is going on online. However, some times I am forced to take a look into this "viper's pit", like recently when my new album was leaked almost 2 months before release date! When I checked this out I discovered many other scandalous facts as well; there are still impostors out there claiming to be me, using my name and using the Burzum name, posting unreleased Burzum music on different web sites and spreading lies. Some of them claim they are fans of Burzum. Others even claim to be me or to run official Burzum web sites.

As you might understand I have limited computer skills and experience I spent 16 years in prison, during the period when Internet became common (and my last computer before that was an Amiga 500...) and I have no profiles (and thus very limited access) anywhere, so I ask for your help to shut these profiles down. Whether they are claiming to be fan pages or not, whether they think they do a good thing or not, just shut them down! How? Well, I am not asking you to hack their profiles or do anything illegal, but visit their profiles and report them (or their illegal videos) to the admins of the sites. If enough of you do that they will be shut down by the admins. Why and what to report? Well, they are stealing my identity. They are harassing me. They are stealing my property (music and photos). For your own sake you should also know that they are undermining burzum.org (and thus Burzum interests), they are spreading lies and they are dishonest! Who do I want help to shut down? I want you to report anyone using my name (Varg Vikernes) or my band's name (Burzum) in a profile anywhere and those who are using any not yet released Burzum music in a video on their channels/profiles. There is not a single real profile out there with the Varg Vikernes or the Burzum name; some are very cleverly made and look very real, but they are all frauds! No exceptions!

There is only one single Burzum/Varg Vikernes website serving my and Burzum's interest and that is burzum.org. All the others, whether profiles or websites, should be boycotted and if possible (by legal means) be shut down.

So why am I not and why don't I want to be on sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or similar? Well, it is quite simple. First of all we have burzum.org, so we don't need anything else. You all get all the truthful information we have there. Secondly I will not join a website owned by and making money for filthy bankers and other capitalist pigs and trust me when I say that all these web sites are and do. Their owners are morally bankrupt and malevolent and they do their best to destroy Europe (as a biological term), like filthy leeches sucking the blood of an innocent living being.

I wish to thank everyone who at least tries to help me in this context. We live in an age of lies, and by helping me shut up these liars and impostors, thieves and frauds, you also contribute to the victory of truth and righteousness.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Yours truly,
Varg Vikernes
Bergen 03.04.2012

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