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To Hell & Back Again

In our Native European heritage the grave is the home of the dead, but the dead is only meant to be there for some time. Therefore the grave has an entrance. You might need to dig a bit to find the door, and the door is heavy and made of stone, but there is indeed a door and you can actually access the grave. Not for the dead to be able to leave at will, but for the living to be able to enter at will.

As I have explained elsewhere, the living entered the graves in order to reincarnate, as the person in the grave. He (or indeed she) became the dead. To be allowed to, you would first be tested by the sorcerer. His (or her) main mission was to be able to do that: to be able to find back to the reincarnated dead in the halls of the living, and to pass this knowledge on to their apprentices, for them to be able to do the same later on. The living would remember their names and recognize the properties they had in previous lives, when presented to them by the sorcerer, and if they did, they would be allowed to enter the grave and reclaim what they had owned in a previous life. And in doing so, also revived the memory of themselves in themselves, and thus they became the dead fully. That is, they became what they had been before. The same person. With the same honour. And since they were buried with their most valuable possessions, also largely with the same wealth.

Each item in the grave had absorbed at least some important memories from a previous life. Each item was somehow important to the person in the grave. Mostly lasting items were placed in the grave, so that they would stand the test of time and last until the rightful owner would return in life and reclaim them. The wealth in the grave was not (only) material. It was a wealth of wisdom, spiritual strength and honour. These powerful items would lift the amnesia of the returning dead, of the living. They would remind the living of what they had experienced, what they knew, what they had done in previous lives. Honour. Pride. Strength. Fortitude. Wisdom.

Since the dead had also reincarnated in his previous life, and had collected all that he had in the life before, in effect, the living – the current living person – would collect the honour, pride, strength, fortitude and wisdom of all his forebears. He collected the sum of all his previous lives!

To Hell & Back Again

From "The Prehistoric Monuments of Avebury" booklet

This was the custom all over Europe until the arrival of Abrahamism. Yes! All over Europe, this had been the custom since the Stone Age, since when we were the Nordic-looking Neanderthals of the prehistoric past. We find proof of the exact same customs being practised continuously in Europe from at least 40.000 years ago to the arrival of Abrahamism. And in fact, most people still practise many of these customs even today, although they have no idea why they do it. The "family pictures on the mantelpiece" is probably the most common. Previously misrepresented as "head hunting", with the skulls of the forebears at display in the family home. A cult of the forefathers.

But more than anything else, this ancestral cult of reincarnation has been the victim of Abrahamistic misrepresentation, demonization and not least straightforward destruction. Statues of the forebears smashed into bits and pieces, memorials crushed, graves desecrated and turned into foundations for their own foreign temples, sorcerers (druids) viciously persecuted and murdered – en masse. Our stories intentionally twisted and misrepresented by self-righteous priests and scholars. And not least: our forebears have been slandered. Over and over again. In all thinkable and unthinkable ways, in all forms available, and without an end. They still do this.

They have successfully printed into the modern minds that our forebears were ignorant, primitive and not least wrong. When visually represented, they are untidy, wear crudely made clothes, they are dirty and always have an animalistic look. The idea that evolution has left us superior to our ancestors is religiously repeated in all educational institutions.

"Never mind what these primitive brutes believed in! Never mind their nonsense! Only a fool would think twice about trying to find back to their ludicrous belief system! What use do we, advanced modern men, have of their ignorant superstitions?"

Yes, look instead at their import product, their Hebrew drivel, forced on us with torture, threats, bribes, murder and mass-kidnapping of children – held hostage or raped and beaten until broken enough to accept their immigrant faith, and to make their parents obey. Look instead at the obvious lies produced by the victors! Embrace their genocide of your own race… right? Phew!

For lack of a more suitable term, I must say that these idiots – the scholars – have failed miserably. They have studied our heritage for 400 or so years now, and understand nothing. Or perhaps this is silly of me to even say, because they have probably never studied our heritage to understand. That was never their intention. They study it to better ridicule, to better undermine, to better destroy. To better misrepresent. To ensure that nobody with any respect for authority will find it any interesting. They seems to be part of the genocide perpetrated on us, by the Abrahamists. But what do I know. You decide. They are either idiots or enemy agents.

Thankfully, the Abrahamists have failed. We have kept our traditions, although many have forgotten what they are all about. We have kept our myths, our sagas, our songs, our customs. But most importantly, we have kept our blood. We are still Europeans. They might do their best to change this, with mass immigration from other parts of the world, but even there they fail. We are still Europeans!

Hailaz Wôþanaz!
HailaR WôðanaR!
Heill Óðinn!

Varg Vikernes

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