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Ever since Varg announced the release of "Belus" by saying that it's going to be a Black Metal album (meaning not an ambient one) lots of discussion took place among the fans and this is clearly the most anticipated Black Metal record I can think of! Moreover it's an exciting listening experience too.

It consists of eight structures the first one is an odd intro - with "Kaimaldathas' Nedstigning" and "Keliohesten" being the absolute killers. While most of the music in here is a bit more melodic than usual, tracks like the aforementioned "Keliohesten" as well as "Sverddans" are brutal and fast kind of in the vein of "War". Other typical Burzum great songs are "Belus' Død" and "Glemselens Elv".

On the other hand we have the very boring closing tune ("Belus' Tilbakekomst") and the indifferent "Morgenrøde". There's something more about this record... the weak drum sound. I don't know if Varg did this on purpose but I believe that the result would be more dynamic with a stronger drumming.

All in all "Belus" totally fulfilled my expectations and it's the great come back of this important Black Metal leader.

Foteini Paschalidou (© 2010 RockPages.gr)

I wasn't too sure what kind of expectations I was supposed to have when the news of Varg Vikernes creating a new Burzum album after his release from prison were announced. One thing was for sure, curiosity was at a peak.

Well, in general, I think "Belus" is wonderful. I don't know if it is because I'm feeling nostalgic or because Burzum was one of the first Black Metal bands I ever listened to, and therefore its sound is familiar and likeable to me... however, I do enjoy the album, from the beginning to the end. From the "plink-plink" introduction to the mesmerizingly repetitive outro, with the intermediate "Glemselens Elv", "Kaimadalthas' Nedstigning" and "Sverddans" standing out, in my opinion. The style and compositions still remain very Burzum-like, and as for the lyrics they're exclusively in Norwegian (way to go!). I would say that the differences lie initially in the fact that the sound is a lot "softer" compared to older Buzum releases, and as a result the album is somewhat more melodic. Also, I think what it lacks is that crushing sorrow and tragic feeling that existed in previous Burzum records. I think "Belus" has an air of calmness, so to speak.

In a few words, "Belus" is a record that I would totally recommend. I hope Varg will keep on in the same vein.

Artemis Kostaki (© 2010 RockPages.gr)

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