Interview with Varg Vikernes
"C.O.T.I.M." Magazine (1994), by Werner "Nyar" Linke

C.O.T.I.M. magazine GermanyI do know that the following is a very controversial interview. Some of you will like it, other will hate it. Personally I don't care about the possible reactions of the readers, I just believe that everybody should have the opportunity to inform him/herself about what Hofding Warge believes in and stands for. So now read this interview and enjoy it... or hate it, it's up to you...


Do you regret what you have done?

We are all responsible for whatever situation we are in at any given time. We make the picks. I would never do anything that I could possible regret.

Describe your idea of an ideal society.

Die dritte Reich. Ein judenfrei Welt. Das istder Lauf der Welt, daß der Abscahum der Menschheit todgeweiht ist. Gottes Tod (Wotan mis uns). (This is German, but I'm not going to translate it. Ask Hofding Warge yourself what it means, ok? - Nyar)

You once used the term "Übermensch" - do you mean this in a nietzschean sense? Have you studied Nietzsche?

Nay, I have not studied F.W. Nietzsche, but I have read "Jenseits von Gut und Böse". My definition of an Übermenschen ist ein weiß-arische Mensch mit Stäarke und Stolz. Both mental and physical Stäarke. I also use the term in Thule-connection but it is esoteric and beyond comprehension for the unconscious Untermensch-masses anyway.

Do you thunk that anyone can ever become an "Übermensch" - have there already been people that you could call an "Übermensch"?

There was Übermensch in "Die alte welt", but as we use the term today I dare to call myself and my brethren Übermensch as with many of the Vikings. (and with my of the Germanic tribes connect with the mainland too.) No doubt we are äber the drowsy masses.

Name some virtues/values that you hold dear.

Most important is the Wotanic code of honour, and the other virtues comes intervowoven with this: virtues as pride, honesty, courage, bravery, faithfulness, pureness and strength. I spurn the true misanthropy, thus the Judeo-Christian ethics. The degeneration and devolution of mankind.

What is your attitude towards animals?

Survival of the fittest. Some animal races are effete in this merciless world. (As with the Negroe-race and the Jew-race.) And we do not need them. I love all strong animals, like myself.

Would you still call yourseld a satanist? Odinist might be the more appropriate term, I think.

I am a Heidhinn (heathen) and both a adversary tothe "God" of the Jews (Satanic) and Wotanic, (or Odinic as you would say) so whether you call a Satanist or a Odinist matter no whit, I am both.

Talking about Odin and the Nordic gods, in the past people believed in them as actual living beings, so how do you see them? As gods or as symbols?

The Achses (there are no Norse/German "gods") are but representation of all that matters. Deities and idols to identify with, images and symbols to be exalted by, forefathers to honour and to be proud. They are archetypes in our race. They were living beings (Übermenschen) but died as all mortals do, and left us our nature. Our archetype.

Do you think it is possible that the people of Norway (or any other European country) will ever forget Christianity and get back to their roots?

We will never forget the devastation caused by Christianity, nor the degeneracy if forced unto us, but I believe we will return to our heathen singularity. "Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust" and indeed from "Wotan to Wotan". It is our destiny. We must fail before succeed.

Please describe your ideal culture.

A culture built on our archetypal values. Something like the culture Saxony in 300-400 anno Yersinia Pestis Spiritus, and the Norse culture in the early Viking-age.

Do people today have any culture at all? To me it seems that cultures disappeared in Europe when Christianity was introduced.

Europe is cursed by the rotten, rip-off, capitalist Jew-culture, a culture based on $ (plague and torment), miscegenation and Jewish world-supremacy. So it is a culture but one hell of a shitty one, and as anti-Germanic a culture can possibly be. And worst of all, Europe itself fail to see the true face of this culture, as it hide behind lies as the Holocaust lie, the lie about the reason of the world wars (where Germany got all the blame) and the lies about National Socialism being "bad" and so on... "Masters of lies".

Which other cultures besides your own do you admire or respect, if any?

Apart from the Norse/Germanic culture I admire the Celtic culture, the Roman culture and most other archaic European cultures really. I care nothing about any culture or Volk beyond "Germania".

Some people might say that burning down churches just makes Christianity stronger, what do you think of this?

Burning Churches is our duty as long as they desecrate our lands, and it strengthen both the heathen and the Christian front, but no doubt our heathen-mass-awakening make their add of support seem like a piss in the ocean compared.

Are there other bands that share your views? If yes, which?

I let them talk for themselves.

In how far do you think the people that listen to your music will understand your ideas?

Some will, some won't and some will understand the ideas with time. As most people are brainwashed by society it takes time for them to realize the truth.

Whose idea was it to include the German translation of the Burzum lyrics to the last CD? Any special reason for choosing the German language?

Germany, Deutschland, deserve special treatment. Of course it was my idea. Ich liebe Deutschland und vie deutsche Volke (still: Norwegen über alles). There is no people in the world who have been treated more unjust that the German volk, the least I can do is to show that at least BURZUM favourize Deutschland - take back your glory. Wotan mit uns.

Is thare any special reason why you call yourself Count Grishnackh? In how far have you deserved the title "count"?

Actually it is a bit misinterpreted. Count comes from the word "Comte" which means companion or partner in Latin, so what I had in mind was being "the companion of all German warriors", which I truly am. It was meant as a artist name and not to be used in other connections. The name I use normally is Hofding Warge, (Häptling Warge) Häuptling Cymophane.

I understand that "Cymophane" is more than just the name of your label. Explain in full what Cymophane means to you.

Cymophane is the name of a brown gem formed as an eye (Political brown, the eye of Odhinn). Cymophane is Greek and is translated as "Wave to appear" which is the wave of heathendom which will wash over Europe and lay waste the Judeo-Christian world. We also have important slogans; "Up from the ashes", which "Die Vierte Reich", or "Wotans Reich" as we also call it, up from the ashes of Christianity world layed waste. Now we close to the BURZUM concept, too, with album titles as "Aske" (Ashes), "Det som engang var" (Was einst var - Wotans Reich), "Burzum" (means "Dunkelheit" but also "The spirit of Aether" which is both "Dunkelheit und Wotan"). Cymophane is also our heathen movement, a rejuvenation of the black circle, so, as you say, it is not just a name for my label. Read the "Filosofem" publishing for details about our movement.

You said that you wanted to spread Cymophane to all of the white world. Doea this include every nation with a white population? What about America?

Aye, all the white world. AmerliKKKA included.

What is your life goal? What steps have you taken to obtain it?

Many painful, costly steps, and this is only the beginning. The end you will see for yourself... if you still alive then, I may not be.

Author: Werner "Nyar" Linke (© 1994 "C.O.T.I.M." Magazine Germany)

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