Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Deprived" Magazine (#3, 1995), by Antoinette Flynn

Who among us has not heard of Burzum or Varg Vikernes, the notorious being behind its creation. Jailed for 21 years in May 1994 for murder and arson, Varg's strong views have earned him many enemies, but the music speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, "Filosofem" will be the final Burzum opus although Varg will continue under a possible new name and in a completely different style. The first part of the interview was answered two days before Varg was given his sentence in May 1994. He chose only to answer questions relevant to the expression of his beliefs. In Dec 1994 sent him some more questions to see if his experiences had changed him. The first question he answered was number 4 and deals with Scandinavian mythology as an influence in extreme music.


Do you think there is some relationship between the dark extreme myths of Scandinavia's past heroes and gods and the dark extreme music now generated from these lands? Are the echoes of the past still influencing this music?

The Viking blood still runs through our veins, the Semite-socialistic Christians have systematically destroyed our culture, religion (cosmology really) and everything belonging to the Germanic tribes. Even our myths are twisted and corrupted. Nevertheless we are Germanic in thinking and behaving thereafter. It is not echoes from the past it is echoes from ourselves! The archetypes awake within us. Aye, we are proud of our heritage but it's our blood that has begun boiling again, with fury and self-respect. This is our awakening. The return of Wotan.

I think the dedication on the "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" album was to Fenriz of Darkthrone. Is so, can you tell me why you dedicated the album to Fenriz in particular?

"Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" is dedicated to my brethren Fenriz and Demonaz. Skalds of the north, following the brown lamp and its chieftain". This is what is written on the inner sleeve. Why? Fenriz and Demonas have supported me all the way with Burzum/Cymophane. Fenriz is also one of the wave to appear, up from the ashes of Wotan's Reich. The Norwegian heathen undemocratic Front and Cymophane world-wide.

Can you explain the meaning of the lyrics on "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss"?

It's a concept album about what once was before the light took us and we rode into the castle of the dream. Into emptiness. It's something like; beware the Christian light, it will take you away into degeneracy and nothingness. What others call light I call darkness. Seek the darkness and hell and you will find nothing but evolution.

Do you write purely because it pleases you or are trying to touch those with similar instincts world-wide?

Both reasons really. Not world-wide but in lands with a similar heritage to mine, or to people with the same heritage. Non Germanic people won't comprehend to what the hell I'm talking about anyway. So mainly in Europe.

Would you like to be remembered in a hundred years time? Why or why not?

It depends on what I'm to remembered as or for. It's not a goal in itself to be remembered. It's far important what one actually accomplishes. I don't want to be remembered as one of the last Vikings, but as one of the new worlds rise! As I said before; "The return of Wotan!"

I believe you feel strongly about Odin your god. But there are other Norse gods. Why do you hold Odin in highest regard of all the gods?

There are no Norse gods, we have our Aeser and Asynjer. God is a Christian word. I believe in the spirit and the soul of Wotan (Odin is the Norse name for the German Wotan). The Germanic race is what's left of Odin/Wotan. We are all one - the body of Wotan. Odin/Wotan is the father of all the Aeses. The king of all chieftains. The others are different sides of Wotan... Loke his shadow side, Hod his blind side and so forth. The so-called gods are symbols of Germanic ideas and values. Odin is the Ase of eloquence, magic and wisdom, of war and death. He is what I seek in myself as a Norse man.

Odin and our Celtic god Lugh are both patrons of poetry, innovation, travel and it has been said that they are the same being, worshipped under a different name by two cultures. Do you think this possible? If so can you see any other similarities between us Celts and you Norsemen?

The Swedes call him Oden, the Icelanders call him Odhinn, the Norwegians and Danes call him Odin, the Germans call him Wotan, the English call him Woden and their may be other names for him as well. I call him Wotan, for that is his oldest name (and we all originate from northern Germany), We are all one. I know very little about your Celtic paganism, so I cannot see the similarities between the Celts and Norsemen all to well. But of course there may be some...

Would you like to live in Valhalla when you die?

My interpretation of Valhalla is very different to the Christian one (we have no Germanic records of it). I am now in the hall of battle, we are all there...

Can you see Burzum ever touring? Would you like to tour?

No and no. Burzum is not a live band. I will never say never, but I doubt it will ever happen. I strongly dislike concerts.

Despite the criticism you have encountered, Burzum retain a healthy and growing body of support. Some bands spurn popularity what is your view on this? Would popularity bother you?

I think popularity just for the sake of popularity is ludicrous! If people like what I do, be it musically or ideologically, it is nothing but fine. Such popularity only tells me that there are people out there who appreciate what I am doing. Why the hell should I spurn such popularity? I would have to spurn myself and I don't. All support is good support, and we need support to overthrow the Christian kingdoms. Burzum is a movement not a band.

Do you think black metal will exist for a long time to come?

Until the end of the world as it is today, perhaps beyond... We are here to stay, maybe the newer bands will wimp out. But Darkthrone and Burzum are doomed to opposition against this world by our very own ability to think. This goes for a lot of our supporters too.

What would you need to do in life to fulfill your greatest dream?

I'll answer this question partly by quoting Josef Goebbles as the two of us don't have a common goal, but the quote suits fine; "We shall reach our goal, when we have the power to laugh as we destroy, as we smash what ever was once sacred to us tradition, as education and as human affection. Perhaps you will see what our goal was when it is reached, or perhaps you will lie lifeless in a track of blood..." The weaklings will perish under the Cymophane.

Would you like to say anything else to anyone else?

I will encourage the proud Celts to contact "Up From The Ashes" (5 Rue Gabreil Pierne, 57000 Metz, France) and join us. Only the elite need pay attention to this, we are the tomorrow where Wotan reigns. Smash the weak, the inept, the stupid, the hypocrite and the enemy of nature. Strife is evolution, peace is degeneration.

You have now served about seven months of your sentence now, how have they been treating you?

I have served 17 months of my sentence not 7. 1 never complain and I abstain from saying anything good about the police/prison powers, so there is not much to tell. The treatment varies from guard to guard, from director to director.

Have your beliefs in the Norse race faltered? Why or why not?

Why should it? I do not think that the word "believe" is satisfactory. To believe is cowardish, to have trust in or to know is another thing though. In this connection, I must say no, my beliefs in the Norse people have not faltered. Actually it is not correct to talk about a Norse race. I talk about the white Aryan race, but the Norse-Germanic people. Included in the race is the also the Celt people, the Roman people and the Slavic people amongst others. Well back to your question; you ask why not. All I have to do is think logically and my views are strengthened. The more contact I have with non Norse-Germanic people, the more I have trust in Norse-Germanic people. The fact that Norway turned down the EU membership proposition is clear proof of our sovereignty to the other white Aryan peoples of the Old World. Nuke Brussels!

Have you had time to read and to think, have you been reading anything interesting lately? Has this helped you to develop any interesting ideas or philosophies? If so could you share any of these theories with us?

Nothing particularly interesting, but I have read books lately which were interesting. Like a book called "The masks of Odin" which reveals a theoscopic view on Norron (Norse) mythology. Also "Idunns Epeler" (The apples of Iduun) is quite interesting, dealing with the meaning of apples throughout the history of Europe and Scandinavia.

In the restricted conditions you now suffer, can you still write music and lyrics? If so can you describe this music and do you plan to release it?

Aye, I can write both music and lyrics. The music and what I plan to do with it will remain unclear until anything perhaps is released. No need to awake any expectations or such for now.

Are you pleased with the interest in "Det Som En Gang Var" on its second release? Are you still happy with that album?

As I have nothing to do with the sales of that album I do not know what interest there may be for it. As a matter of fact, I don't really care! I make music mainly for myself and not for others. I release it simply because there are people who want to release it and I see no harm in that. Aye, I'm still happy with the album but I must say that it's strange to release an album two and a half years after it was first released (in 1000 copies). Also, "Filosofem" is already two years old, and still not released. Strange.

On "Filosofem" the fifth Burzum release, there are deliciously insidious sound effects plus another epic keyboard piece. Describe the atmosphere you are frying to evoke on this album. Do you think it will attract listeners outside the black metal genre?

What effects? I do not remember using any effects on the album apart from using a headset microphone for the vocals [note - adds to the suggestion that the Filosofem guitar effect was added later by Pytten, but then why does "Once Emperor" have that effect? - Rainer]. Well I have no interests in saying anything at all about the album as anybody interested may listen for themselves whenever the album may be out. The "traditional black metal genre"? If you think twice you might remember that Burzum has never been promoted as "black metal" by my label. I usually do not care who listens to my music, but I would prefer that nobody from the "black metal" scene listens to Burzum, as the "black metallers" tend to be a bunch of pubertal losers with a strong feeling for inferiority. I dislike vehemently such low life. Burzum is not for weak losers with dyed black hair. Burzum ist nur für Arier! I do not know about Europe, but in Scandinavia and on Iceland mostly so-called normal people listen to Burzum. And of course, unfortunately the black metal losers listen to it as well.

Does evil exist?

For idiots yes, for others no.

Have you any goals or aims? What are they? Will you fulfil them - even if this takes until the end of your sentence?

Maybe, maybe not. But anyway I won't tell you about it, or anyone else for that matter!

Is it possible for you to maintain a sense of humour in your situation? Do you think this is important?

I do not see why my "situation" should differ from anyone else's as to whether humour is important or not. I see no point in discussing my private life with anybody but my closest friends. ...So I won't.

Do you take condoms with you from the visiting room, every time that you have visitors? If so what do you do with them?

I cannot take anything with me from the visiting room as they practice very strict security here. When we end the visit and return to our cells, we first have to undress, open our mouths and lift our tongue to see if anything is hidden there. Lift our arms, shake our heads so that anything hidden in the hair should fall out, lift our manly limb, and sit down in the hockey position so that anything we may have hidden up our arses may have fallen out! Also we have to put on a new set of clothes before we are allowed back into our cells. All this is done in a special room with mirrors on the walls. Later when they have checked our clothes very inch, we get them back.

What, at this point, is your message to mankind?


Author: Antoinette Flynn (© 1995 "Deprived" Magazine)

Deprived magazine #3 1995

Deprived magazine #3 1995

Deprived magazine #3 1995

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