A Bard's Tale: Part III - The White God

Once upon a time Svarog (Óðinn), the heavenly father, ordered his son Belobog/Kolada (Heimdallr) to create a worthy race of men. Humanoid creatures already existed, worm-like dwarves and grotesque giants, but they were of little or no use to Svarog. He needed a better breed of men, to help him protect the cosmos (=order, beauty) in the ongoing war against chaos (=emptiness).

Belobog/Kolada left Heaven and on Earth he created a human race known as Thrall's kin. The thralls had black and wrinkled skin, ugly faces, bent backs, crooked noses and long heels. Not satisfied with the result he continued with his mission, and soon he had created another human race, known as Free Men's kin. The free men had red faces, red-brown hair and watchful eyes. Still not satisfied he continued with his mission and created a third human race, known as Noble's kin. The nobles had blonde hair, fair skin and fair eyes as sharp as those of a dragon.

Finally Svarog was happy and he ordered Belobog/Kolada to return to Earth and teach the runes (=secrets, whispering lore) to the nobles, and he did. Belobog/Kolada then placed his throne over the North Pole, between Heaven and Earth, to be able to watch over his most noble children. From there he could see and hear everything that happened on Earth, and every year he visited his children, on the Winter Solstice, to reward the good ones with gifts, and to warn the others.

Thus ends the story about how the White God created man, and why only mankind's nobility, the Nordic [European] race, is allowed to sit by Svarog's side in the most holy of the halls in Heaven.

Varg "the White" Vikernes
04.09.2006 (Tromsø, Norway)

"Every cat to her kind"

In other languages: Español, Italiano, /Srpski

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