A Bard's Tale: An introduction to A Bard's Tale

My plan was to go home in April 2006, stop writing articles like this one and instead concentrate on living my life. The department of justice in Norway on the other hand had other plans, and by illegal means they gave me another 2 years to serve. So I will continue to write after all, and share with You my thoughts on Paganism, and perhaps on other subjects too. I will hardly trouble anybody with my articles, because only those who welcome them will read them in the first place, and to me they are important. I need to be creative and find an outlet for my creativity or else I will lose my mind.

I am in a barren environment, void of any type of intellectual incentives, and the authorities do their best to quench all forms of brain-activity here, but I hope my bard's tale will not be too marked by this.

Varg Vikernes
16.09.2006 (Tromsø, Norway)

Cui Bono?
(Who benefits?)

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