From the Depths of Mímir's Well

Part I

Many don't like what we say about our heritage, because it doesn't fit their agenda or their own personal opinions and because it doesn't fit with what they have been taught about this from scholars. They attack us armed with: "Sources?", to suggest that we just made this up ourselves and have nothing to back it up. When we give them our sources, they tend to claim that our sources aren't good enough. Either that, or we hear nothing more from them.

What most people seem to think when they ask for sources is for references to somebody else saying the exact same. A renowned scholar, that is. If no renowned scholars say the same as you, then you have no source, they claim, and what you say can be easily brushed under the carpet.

Another problem we face is the reluctance in people to admit that we might know more than them, even if just about a limited subject. Instead of bowing down to superior knowledge they bow down to envy. When they cannot argue against what we say using facts, they resort to ridicule and name calling.

The final problem I will address here is the fact that many simply cannot fathom that we are able to know the answers to these riddles at all. Why would we know that!? What makes us think we know better than scholars who have studied these subjects for hundreds of years!? What arrogance!

Part II

The sources we use are the primary sources. Yes, for understanding what the mythology tells us, we use (big surprise) the mythology as our source. Yes, for understanding what the fairy tales tell us, we use the fairy tales as our source. Etc. When the language is hard to understand we use dictionaries, such as Hjalmar Falk & Alf Torp's "Etymologisk Ordbog over det norske og danske Sprog". A scholarly book about the roots of the words and their original meaning.

These are our sources… the original sources and dictionaries. That's all we need. I am sorry, if this doesn't satisfy your need for sources, but we cannot use any such scholars as a source because they don't know what the myths or anything else related to our heritage mean. Amazingly, I agree, but true: they have no clue!

Which leads us to the next point, namely that the scholars have studied this for hundreds of years, and still have not been able to understand what this is all about. They have not even come close to the truth. How is this even possible? Yes, I agree. It sounds unlikely, but it's actually true, and I explained why it is so in Dissent, Truth & Paganism.

Then to the topic of Marie and her ability to understand what scholars have failed to understand for hundreds of years. How could she be able to decipher this? How can you even believe that she is right and the scholars of Europe for hundreds of years are wrong? How is this even possible?!

Well, the truth is that I don't need to convince you that she is right, because you can tell for yourself that she is, by studying the original sources using the key she gave you in The Secret of the She-Bear. When you apply this key to the myths and fairy tales, to pretty much any and all myths and fairy tales, you are able to at least partly understand what they mean. From Ancient Egypt to Japan, from Ancient Greece to Scandinavia, from Ireland to Russia. Even the New World myths can be deciphered, using her key. It all fits.

Now, had I interpreted a myth to be a cake recipe, and made sense of it, you could smile and tell me that I was clever to do that, but I cannot use the same key to unlock the meaning of other myths. So you would be able to claim that this is not the actual meaning of the myth, and you could brush my interpretation off as irrelevant. I agree. But if I told you – like Marie does – that these myths are instructions for how you can reincarnate, and I showed you how to interpret any and all myths in this context, then it is impossible to honestly brush what I say off as irrelevant. I can show you how each and every myth and fairy tale is such an instruction. The key fits into all the keyholes, so it is impossible to claim that it's not the universal key. You can tell that I am right, if you use the key on the fairy tales or myths. Only your own dishonesty can convince you otherwise.

Part III

So why is it we face critics and ridicule? If what we claim is so obviously right, why doesn't everybody agree with us?

We return to the fact that scholars have failed to understand anything at all in hundreds of years studying these subject. They have written thousands of essays and books about how our forebears did this or that, had "fertility" cults (as if fertility was such a big problem in the past!?…), believed in an "afterlife", etc. etc. etc. They have described our heritage from a thoroughly Judeo-Christian perspective, they have filled up every vessel, well and cavity in our heritage with pure nonsense, and have left no room for reason, sense, logic or meaning. They have turned the deepest wells into the tallest towers, the tallest towers into the deepest wells, and everything else too has been turned upside down and then covered in deep, reeking Judeo-Christian mud.

The reality of our heritage is in total contrast to the impossible, empty, childish & not least meaningless heritage they present to us, and because people have been brainwashed to worship authority, and they are the authority, people have serious problems opening their eyes. It takes time to let reality sink in. It takes courage to admit that everything you knew before was not only a lie, but a waste. A complete waste of time. It also takes some honesty and magnanimity of spirit to admit that somebody else, Marie, has found the truth, instead of you. Or me. We all search. We all want to find the truth ourselves. Especially in this age of narcissism.

It takes time to wash away all the filth our education, brought to us by the ignorant scholars, have covered our minds with. Even I, married to Marie and in possession of her key for years already, only understood for real some days ago that only the living has a spirit. Even though I have translated and written about it before, explaining how Ásgarðr is actually the world of the living (in Paganism Explained, Part V), explaining for years how spirit translates as "breath". It takes time to let it all sink in. But in the end, I have to realize that of course…… the dead has no breath. Only the living has a breath.

Then when that has sunk in, you can also understand that "The Book of the Dead", called by the Ancient Egyptians; "The Book about how to arrive to the Day", was not a book for the dead to enter the "afterlife", but a book – just like Marie has said – about how you can reincarnate. How you return "to day" and become "a spirit" (somebody with a breath, ergo somebody alive) again. It teaches you to return to life.

In addition to this we have many scholars who wish to keep the status quo, as this is the only way they can keep their authority and power over others' thinking. If ordinary people realize that everything they teach and know is absolute nonsense, then their fancy diplomas and their "wisdom" are no longer worth anything. Instead they talk about how our heritage is "a mysterium", and "that we can never know" etc., on order to discourage people from even trying to find out. We further have at least one billion Judeo-Christians who don't want our heritage to resurface. They went to great lengths to bury our heritage, often literally, by building their desert cult temples right on top of our sacred sites, but also in other manners, like by ruthlessly persecuting all who knew – and even burning them alive, to keep them quiet.

Today they use other means, like slander ("Varg/Gandálfr is a cult leader"), misrepresentation ("they worship the placenta"), false labelling ("Varg is an atheist") etc., in order to distract, to sow doubt, to ensure that people who otherwise would have been interested won't listen to us. I am not worried though. The sea of ignorance, pettiness, cowardice and dishonesty is vast, but mankind is like a clear night sky: a big vast and empty blackness, but dotted with many shining stars.

Thank you for reading,
Varg Vikernes

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