War in Europe: Part IV - Si vis pacem, para bellum

The Jews are already in power in Europe, if not directly then indirectly through their errand boys and lackeys in the media and governments of Europe, but they also see the writing on the wall. Whilst the media and politicians in our part of the world for the time being are doing their best to pretend there is no popular Nationalist opposition, to their plan to mongrelize and thus destroy the European race, certainly the Jews know that it is just a matter of time before the Nationalists take over the political power in many and eventually all the European nations. So in order to keep their influence the Jews try to infiltrate and control the Nationalist movement as well.

The Jews try to use flattery, bribes, threats and you-name-it to get control over the Nationalist parties in Europe. They even try to pretend they are already in control of certain Nationalist parties, by speaking positively about them in the Jewish-owned media, to make the followers of these political parties believe so and accept the idea of a victorious pro-Zionist Nationalist movement in Europe. The Jews have to do this in order to keep their power, because they know that the Nationalist parties in Europe will sooner or later take over all power in Europe. Sooner rather than later some places, like in France and several Eastern European countries.

In our Nationalist movment (and for the sake of simplicity I use that term in this context as an umbrella to cover all anti-Jewish, racially aware movements in Europe) we see that Jews infiltrate or try to our groups and participate in discussions on Nationalist forums, pretending they are European Nationalists. The best known example of this is of course the Fjordman character, who pretends to be a Norwegian Nationalist but who in reality is a Zionist Jew and if in doubt just take a look at his picture (just google "Fjordman"). Some of the Jews also let us know that they are Jews, and then pretend to support us and agree with us. Even I have received personal e-mails from Jews e. g. agreeing with me that Christianity is such a terrible thing (as if they weren't behind that too), and who claim we have a common cause. Sorry, Jews, but I am not a fool and I am not for sale.

The most extreme measures taken by the Jews to unite all Nationalists under their Zionist banner is of course to execute false flag terrorist operations. They brainwash and use naive European Nationalists, the best known of course being Anders Breivik of Norway, and have them perform more or less extreme acts of terror against their own peoples. You should not be surprised when I tell you that Anders Breivik's mentors (NB! as described by the "Norwegian" media) were all Jews (including Fjordman). The Jews stop at nothing to achieve their world domination.

So what are we to do? What are we who know the real cause to all our problems supposed to do? What are e. g. the English supposed to do when their only real hope, the BNP, has been turned into a tool for their worst enemies? What are the poor Dutchmen supposed to do, in their too crowded country, when their only potential saviour, Geert Wilders, is really a Zionist and a Jew puppet? What are the Norwegians supposed to do when the closest they will ever get to voting for a so-called right wing Nationalist party is to vote for the Communist party?

Is Breivik right when he says that the only means left for us to use is violence? I don't think so. What I see is a Jewish community in panic. They do not have as much direct control in Europe as they want us to believe. Their main influence is through their money and their different -isms, from Liberalism to Socialism, from Feminism to Communism, and their religions, from Islam to Christianity, and through their media, spreading their hateful ideas, but they don't have that much real power. We only think they do. They want us to think they do, to make us lose hope and give up.

The Jews understand that their plan is failing, that we are disclosing them further every day, that hundreds and hundreds of Europeans are enlightened by Nationalists every day, and that thousands and thousands of Europeans every day understand without our help why the economy is failing (of course because of the greedy Jewish bankers). The Jews see the victory slipping through their fingers! They were that close to finishing us off through mongrelization, but we have been too resilient for them to succeed! Only the low-brow scum amongst us did ever procreate with Afro-Asians, and the vast majority stay European and have European children!

Do not just sit back and relax and wait for us to emerge victorious though. Keep on fighting; spread the truth, resist the lie-propaganda of the enemy and help others do the same. And most importantly; only vote for strongly anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist Nationalist parties! If they do not exist, start them up yourselves, and cooperate with all others who do the same, whether you like them personally or not, or infiltrate and take over the Zionist "Nationalist" parties en masse. If you cannot openly tell the truth without the risk of persecution use the term "banker" instead of "Jew", and they cannot touch you. Talk about "culture" and "language" instead of "race", talk about "keeping the diversity" instead of "the threat to your nation", and so forth. They cannot touch you if you do, and most Europeans will understand what you mean by this anyhow. We Europeans are perhaps too kind and naive for our own good, but we are not stupid and most of us are sick and tired of being treated like inferior human beings in our own countries.

If you want to hang someone or shoot them in the back of the head, for betraying their own race or for attacking out nations with coward and dishonest means, I understand you very well, but please wait until after we have won, when you can do this lawfully. There is enough rope for all of them, and bullets too, so just be patient. They will hang soon enough anyhow. And their brainwashed offspring too. And their f***ing dogs.

P.S. In case you wonder; I cannot start up any party in Norway myself, because of my criminal record.

Varg Vikernes
Bergen 21.04.2012

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