Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Fémforgács" (03.05.2012), by Balázs Péter

Hello, I write from Hungary by "Fémforgács" metal music site! Firstly I'd like to congratulate for the new album, it's amazing again! Do you agree that it's the straight continuation of the "Fallen"?

Hello and thank you! Yes, I agree, but it also has some new elements, like a different language (in the lyrics) and more varied vocals.

Would you speak about the album a bit? What about the songs? Are there any connection with the recent days?

(Not answered)

Where was the "Umskiptar" recorded? Were you playing all of the instruments?

It was recorded in Grieghallen, just like most of my other albums – and just like all my metal albums, actually. Yes, I still play all the instruments and do all the vocals.

Can you tell me something about skalds and the poetry?

Ah, well, I could, but you can also just read about that on Wikipedia.

Though the new album has just appear, is anything known about your future plans? Do you plan something new in the music or in the lyrics? Have you been thinking about re-record the "Dauði Baldrs" / "Hliðskjálf" albums? I think it would be very interesting, like the gorgeous "From the Depths of Darkness".

Right now I have no plans for the future. I am too busy with other projects and don't have the time to even touch an instrument. Yes, I have thought about re-recording other music too, but I came to the conclusion that it was better to focus on new music. The "From the Depths of Darkness" was a necessary album I think, but I don't think it is really necessary to re-record anything else.

Do you know/listen the new black metal bands or you are not interested in them?

No, I have other interests.

In my opinion learning and having broaded mind is very important. What types of book do you read and in what topics? What do you do in the everyday life (except music)?

Right now I am only reading a Norse dictionary (for the fourth time) and a vast book with old Norwegian fairy tales, and I am doing research online as well. My everyday life is not very interesting.

There is a photo about you and a Lada Niva on the burzum.org. It's well-known that you prefer Euro-Asian approach than the Atlantic cosmopolitan lifestyle. Is this the reason of buying that car?

Well, I wanted to own a car with excellent offroad abilities and also a car that I could maintain myself. The Lada Niva is mechanically very reliable and robust, and very easy to make repairs on. The parts are cheap too.

Oh, and I can add that I noticed – when working on the car – that the onboard computer in the Lada Niva is actually made in Hungary...

Besides, I detest modern «Western» cars, with a ton of electronics and all sorts of unnecessary features in them. Like I don't want an electric window, thank you, I can roll down the window myself.

A delicate ground: have you heard a hungarian book was written about you, it's title is "Burzum"? It was a little outcry because the writer Attila Leiszter use a pen name Kjell Manson and in the book it's told that he used to be your friend in your childhood.

Yes, I have heard about this, from Hungarian friends, and I don't understand how anyone can publish a book written by a hoax like that without even checking his claims. Why didn't the publishers at least just ask me before they printed his fairy tale? Before Hungarian friends told me about this I had never even heard about Attila Leiszter/Kjell Manson before, so of course he was not my friend in my childhood.

Anyway, just ignore him and his worthless book. As I see this he is your problem; bringing dishonour to Hungary more than anything else.

In a former interview you said Burzum was a "from you to me" band and not "from you to us". Have you thought it yet so we can't expect in the neat future for little or big concerts? By the example of Ulver...

No, I have no plans to do anything live. Even the idea of concerts bores me, so I am not considering this at all. Sure, I might change my opinion in the future, but... I canot see this happening.

Would you like to say something to the Hungarian fans? Would you have some advice about life?

Advice about life? Well, I could say that each man must find his own path, his own tempo and his own mode of travel, and nobody else knows better than himself what to do.

Hungary was once a major nation in Europe, defending Europe against the Ottoman Turks, and later the Bolscheviks, so I hope all Hungarian fans know this and are proud of their heritage.

Know also that the politicians in Europe today give away for free to Muslims and Jews what all our forefathers worked, fought, bleed and died for.

Thank you for the interview!

Thank you for your interest, and good luck to you!

Author: Balázs Péter (© 2012 "Fémforgács" Hungary)

In other languages: Magyar

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